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3D Nail Art : Our Ideas and Tutorials for Your Nails

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That’s it, you’ve mastered the art of applying nail polish without smudging. Now it’s time to put designs on your nails! How to make an easy nail art? Is it necessary to bring some material to create a nice nail art? We reveal our secrets to make a quick and easy decoration on your nails. Discover the nail art trends and the best tutorials to be hot until the end of your nails.

How to make a simple nail art step by step?
On short or long nails, before making an original nail art, you must first master the technique. First step: have beautiful nails. To do this, draw the nail file and the cuticle pusher.

Once the nails are filed in the shape of your choice, your cuticles moisturized and replaced, move on to step two: the base coat. As with any manicure, applying a hardening and protective base coat is essential for beautiful nails.

Next: apply the first coat of nail polish. One or two passes depending on the rendering and the color of the varnish you have chosen. Once the varnish is dry, it’s time to create a pattern with another color.

Remember, the secret to a successful manicure is patience and application.

Finally, the special nail pen is ideal for creating dots, lines or other. If the available colors do not suit you, it is possible to buy adapted brushes to catch the product directly in the bottle. They come in various shapes to create original designs.

Stamping is also a must in nail art that allows you to create beautiful designs with nail stamps.

And of course, once the pattern is finished and the nail polish is dry, it’s time for the top coat. It allows your nail art to last several days!

Our nail art ideas for an original manicure at the top!
Which nail art trends to choose? Discover our slideshows to inspire you in this file.

Nail art matte
Nail art dots aka manicure
Diamond manicure
Chrome manicure
Nail art Disney version
Nail art with glitter
And many other ideas … We also reveal the best nail art tutorials spotted on Pinterest.


This new 3D technique, simple and fast, will bring volume to your semi-permanent or gel color.

It allows the creation of varied and refined patterns in relief on your nails and has the advantage of adapting to all finishes.

In a flash, your nail art design is ready!

Discover the new Peggy Sage kit and the secret of this technique in just a few steps.


Apply your semi-permanent or gel color.
(1 to 2 thin layers depending on the coverage of the product)
Catalyze under UV/LED lamp for 30 sec (or 2 min under UV lamp).
Apply a thin layer of the top coat of your choice
Catalyze under UV/LED lamp 30 sec for semi-permanent or 60 sec for gel (under hybrid lamp or 2 min under UV lamp).
Degrease if necessary with Triple Action Cleaner 146017 and a cellulose square 155450 (only for finishes with residues).

Pro Tips + :

If you have trouble using the 3D design pliers to properly attach your design to the nail: know that it is also possible to remove the design, place it directly on your uncatalyzed finish, using the nail art pliers 149293. Then catalyze the finish.
To vary the color of your designs, mix the white 3D design gel 146077 with a little Technigel color it gel.
Proceed to a good preparation of your nails, in order to improve the hold of your nail art!
Go to our “Nail preparation” tutorial for a complete demonstration.

The nail art trend invades social networks, and makes us want to get involved too. Unfortunately, the result is not always there.

It’s like everything else, you have to learn how to do it. To start slowly, but surely, here are five models of nail art easy to achieve. Guaranteed without smudges.

This manicure is ultra minimalist, but still gives a nice graphic effect to our nails.

What you need: a gold or silver nail polish, a boxwood stick, a top coat, a fine nail art brush.

The realization: once your nails are prepared, either you start on a nude nail polish base as above, or on a colored base. Your choice.

Spread a line of nail polish in the middle or on the side of the nail with a brush with a fine or beveled tip. If you want to add a graphic touch, make small smudges on the sides of the line with the boxwood stick.

Let dry for a few minutes and apply a coat of top coat to complete the manicure.
Reverse French nail art

What you will need: a nude nail polish, a glitter nail polish, a top coat, French manicure stickers.

How to do it: apply one or two coats of nude nail polish depending on the opacity of your nail polish. For this manicure, it is very important to let it dry well.

Once the color is dry, apply the French manicure stickers to create a space between the nail and the cuticle. Carefully apply the glitter polish in the space created. Leave on for 5 minutes before removing the stickers. Leave on for another 15 minutes, before finishing with a top coat.

What you will need: a colored nail polish, a black nail polish, a top coat, nail art tape, a fine nail art brush.
The realization: start on a base of “naked” nails. The first step is to divide the nails in two with the colored varnish. For this, apply tape to make a delimitation. Apply one or two coats of colored nail polish depending on its opacity.

Leave for 5 minutes before gently peeling off the tape. Once finished, let the varnish dry a little more before drawing the black line. To draw the black line, take a fine brush and gently apply the varnish as you would an eyeliner. Go in all at once, following the curve of the nail.

Finally, once this last step is complete, set the manicure with a top coat.

What you will need: a nude nail polish, a black nail polish, a toothpick, nail art tape

How it’s done: after preparing your nails, apply a nude polish. When all your nails are painted and dry, create a small triangle-shaped space with tape. Fill in with black polish to create the triangle and wait a bit before removing the tape.

Once the triangles are dry, use a toothpick to pick up some black polish to make small dots along the triangle. Let your work dry before sealing it with a top coat.

What you will need: a light pink nail polish, a white nail polish, a black nail polish, nail art stickers, a fine nail art brush.

The realization: the first step is to apply light pink varnish on all your nails. Let it dry well before making the nail art.

To draw the eyes, start by making a kind of thick inverted French. With the scotch tape, create a wide boundary between the nail and the cuticle. In this space, apply white polish. Let it dry. Then, with a fine-tip brush, draw the eye contour, the lashes and the pupil.

Finish with a top coat to make your manicure last.

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