Callaway X-18R Irons Review

Plenty of golfers enjoy the game, but need a set of irons that will help them get their handicap down without a similar effect on their bank account. The Callaway X-18R best iron are a great solution, as they are a top-notch set of clubs that can help break par without breaking the budget.

Callaway has a number of X-series best iron , but the Callaway X-18R Irons stand out in several ways. For starters, the hosel is solid, changing the feel of the club and improving the setup for some players. Most low- to mid-handicappers will like that the slightly reduced offset and square toe make it easier to align their setup correctly and get the ball going solidly in the right direction.

Though the Callaway X-18R Irons are inspired by the company’s higher-end models, these have the same qualities as the tour-level irons at a much more palatable price point. The MSRP for the Callaway X-18R Irons is $499, and they come in both graphite and steel shafts and in either right or left-handed models. These are designed to serve the needs of mid- to low-handicappers, those players who can take a good set of irons and shape their shots as desired, and the Callaway X-18R Irons can help get that handicap closer to scratch.


Callaway X-18 Irons Review

The Callaway X-18 Irons use a design innovation to form clubs that are both playable and forgiving, a nice option for those who need irons that are gentle on off-center hits as a game-improvement stick would be but that also give them a chance to shape their shots to the terrain.

That innovation is the S2H2 (for Short Straight Hollow Hosel) design, which takes weight out of the hosel and moves it to the perimeter of the clubhead. The topline is also thinner than in previous Callaway models, saving even more discretionary weight for distribution elsewhere. This increases the MOI and drops the center of gravity lower in the clubhead for better forgiveness and improved control and feel.

In addition, the Callaway X-18 golf wedges feature the company’s Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology that calibrates the precise center of gravity for each loft to ensure that every club performs as expected. The launch angle for a nine iron and the launch angle for a four iron are different, since the trajectory and distance requirements of each are very different.

The Callaway X-18 Irons carry a suggested retail price of $899, and are available in either graphite or steel shafts. They’re definitely worth the money for anyone looking for irons that can smooth out their mistakes while still providing incredible feel and accuracy

Callaway X-16 Irons Review

The Callaway X-16 Irons were an innovation addition to the market, taking the successful X-14 series and tweaking the design to get clubs that can take a mid-handicappers game to the next level.

The differences are apparent the first time the clubs are picked up out of the bag. The graphite shafts were engineered especially for the Callaway X-16 Irons, and are available in variable weights to match each golfer’s custom preferences. The blades are shorter and the top lines are wider on these irons, improving the clubs’ shot-shaping ability.


In addition, the Callaway X-16 Irons were the first among the company’s models to have the “notch” weighting design. This engineering change lowers the center of gravity and increases the MOI, for more forgiveness, greater distance, and a better launch angle. It offers improving golfers the ability to use their skills to shape shots around hazards, while at the same time keeping off-center hits from dribbling off into the trees.

The Callaway X-16 Irons originally sold for $799 new, in graphite and steel shafts. Left and right-handed models are available, and there are multiple flexes that can suit each golfer’s preference. It’s definitely a set of irons worth testing out.

Callaway FT Irons Review

In engineering its Callaway FT Irons, one of the most innovative companies in golf outdid themselves in developing clubs that use the best of modern technology and design techniques to produce forgiving clubs with Tour-level qualities.

The Callaway FT Irons feature a dense Tunite alloy cradle, which combines with the company’s Extreme Notch Weighting to produce a unique head shape that’s weighted to both power the ball and forgive off-center hits. This construction allows 80 percent of the clubhead’s weight to be reallocated to the perimeter of the clubhead for maximum MOI. The ball flies off the clubface, and the low center of gravity and precisely-configured loft and lie angles help the ball get airborne at the right trajectory.

Another nice feature here is the SenSert cavity insert. Not only does that save weight that is redistributed elsewhere, it dampens the vibration at impact for a much-improved feel. It’s part of the engineering advancements that make this professional tour-level design so effective on the course.

The Callaway FT Irons are targeted to low and mid-range handicappers, with an original MSRP of $1299. They are available in graphite and steel shafts and in multiple flex options for both right and left-handed golfers.

Callaway FT i-brid Irons

As one might expect from the wordplay in its name, the Callaway FT i-brid Irons offer golfers a nice combination of traditional irons and more forgiving hybrids for a series of clubs that can help high handicappers get their scores down considerably.

This set replaces the 3, 4 and 5 irons with “i-brids,” clubs that combine an iron’s control and accuracy with a hybrid’s forgiveness, distance and versatility. They get the ball in the air quicker, and the low, deep center of gravity and wider sole sweep through the turf and get the ball in the air. Made from titanium with a dense Tunite alloy insert in the sole, the FT i-brid irons have a high MOI and incredible stability.

The irons (6-9, plus four wedges) are designed as game improvement clubs, with oversized clubheads that produce a large sweet spot. In addition, the irons have an increased offset for ease at setup, and like the i-brids they have a wide sole for better interaction with the turf. The polycarbonate tip plug at the end of each shaft helps improve the feel by dampening vibrations at impact.

The FT i-brid irons carry an original MSRP of $1499, and aside from the AW and LW are available in right- and left-handed versions.

Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

The name “Big Bertha” carries with it the connotation of an oversized, user-friendly best iron that can help golfers improve their distance and minimize the consequences of off-center hits. In its Callaway Big Bertha Irons, the company that originated the brand name has a new series of clubs that matches its famous drivers in that regard.

There are two versions of this series. Both have mid and short irons designed to be the most forgiving on the market, with oversized clubheads and a larger hitting area. Wide soles help the clubs weep through the turf.

As for the rest of the series, golfers have a choice between conventional long irons in the Big Bertha clubhead design, or more forgiving “i-brids” that combine design elements of both irons and hybrids. The i-brids have a lower and deeper center of gravity to get the ball in the air more quickly, and both i-brids and irons have the Callaway wide sole.

In addition, the Callaway Big Bertha Irons have a host of proprietary technologies to maximize their utility. Extreme Notch Weighting, and S2H2 designs more weight from the hosel and center of the clubface to the perimeter for a higher MOI. The VFT Technology increases ball speed, resulting in more distance and forgiveness, and the 360-degree Undercut channel moves the center of gravity lower and farther back. The result makes the Callaway Big Bertha Irons (MSRP of $799) a great choice for mid to high handicappers.

Cleveland CG Gold Irons Review

Cleveland CG Gold Irons Review

The Cleveland CG Gold Irons are the sister club of the Cleveland CG Red best golf irons series, and takes some of the attributes of the tour-quality Red irons and places them in a more forgiving package ideally suited to a golfer who might need a little more forgiveness.

These irons feature a traditional head design, but several added features that are decidedly modern in origin. The company’s Gelback Technology dampens the vibration, for a more supple feel even on off-center hits. That gelback insert is 10 percent softer and has a 30 percent larger surface area than that of the Red series, giving the Cleveland CG Gold Irons added forgiveness on mis-hits. Because more of the insert touches the back of the clubface, it produces a smoother, more solid sensation at impact.

Like several other of the company’s models, the Cleveland CG Gold best golf irons has Microcavity Technology, in which tiny cavities in the clubhead get progressively smaller as the irons move from long to short, keeping the center of gravity in the ideal place for the best possible launch angle and distance.

Other differences are the Cleveland CG Gold Irons half-shaft offset and slightly thicker topline, which inspires confidence and makes it easier to square the clubface at impact. The sling hosel design and longer blade provides a clubface that’s 11 percent larger, for a larger sweet spot, more forgiveness, and a set of irons that is welcome in any bag.

Cleveland CG Red Irons Review

The Cleveland CG Red Irons have been popular picks on the professional golf circuit by giving elite players the technology and design elements they need to match their own skills.

These best golf irons get their name from the red Gelback insert, which unlike other Cleveland Golf models is firm enough to provide a soft feel on well-hot balls but responsive on hits that are slightly off-center. It’s a feature that makes the irons stand out, both in the bag and on the course.

The Cleveland CG Red Irons have a quarter-shaft offset for added workability, with a thinner topline than the sister CG Gold Iron series. A web hosel and a more compact clubhead help give these irons the maximum shot-shaping ability, and feedback from the pros also led the designers to add a more square toe to the design

Also a big selling point is the additional forgiveness and stability provided by the Micro-Cavity Technology, which removes weigh from the topline and shifts it to the perimeter. Smaller cavities in the shorter irons keep the distance and trajectories appropriate, and each of the clubs has an improved center of gravity (15 percent better than the previous Cleveland Golf models) for a larger sweet spot. As a result, the Cleveland CG Red Irons are easy to hit the ball accurately, and a repeatable swing will bring a consistent result. That’s a big selling point for the better than average golfer.

Cleveland Launcher Irons Review

The Cleveland Launcher Irons uses a combination of hybrids and irons to create a set of clubs ideally suited to improve the games of mid to high handicappers.

Instead of the traditional long irons, the 3-5 irons in the Cleveland Launcher series are actually hybrid cheap golf clubs. Each is engineered on an iron chassis, and has a parabolic leading edge that slips through the turf and cleanly strikes the ball. The clubface of these hybrids is 12% larger than that of previous Cleveland Golf models, and the extended horseshoe perimeter weighting helps concentrate the mass of the club low and deep. That gives the 3-5 irons an MOI of 3,000, making it as forgiving as anything available.

The 6I-SW in the Cleveland Launcher Irons look more traditional, but share some of the same features. The Extended Horseshoe Perimeter Weighting is evident here as well, creating an MOI 20% greater than that of a traditional iron. They also have an oversize face, leading to an increased launch angle and greater ball speed. Off-center hits aren’t going to clunk into the woods with these clubs — they should still fly reasonably straight and far. To help matters even more, the thick topline makes it easier to view the ball at address, helping point things in the right direction.

Any club in the set of Cleveland Launcher Irons is both forgiving and powerful, a great recipe for success for any golfer.

Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons Review

Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons

In manufacturing the Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons, the legend of the golfing industry has created clubs that are just about the most forgiving available.

As the name suggests, the Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons are really a combination of a hybrid club and the traditional iron, designed to give even more distance and forgiveness. They are the only such product on the market that have a fully hollow construction, helping to secure a consistent feel throughout the set progression.

The oversized cupface structure of the Cleveland HiBORE XLi best iron helps to foster an incredibly high MOI — 27 percent greater than that of a traditional iron — with the progressive sole width and offset only adding to the forgiveness. The clubhead also has a bigger chassis and a larger face, making for a big hitting zone.

That big hitting zone of the Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons leads to longer distance, thanks to the thin face technology that offers higher ball speed. The center of gravity is a full six times deeper than that of a traditional iron, and it has the highest C.O.R. of any hybrid iron. The increased launch angle helps the ball get airborne, with the added ball velocity doing the rest.

Add it all up, and the Cleveland HiBORE XLi Irons are one of the most forgiving and easiest to hit options for those who traditionally struggle with their iron play.

Cleveland CG7 Tour Irons Review

One of the favorites among the Cleveland Golf professional staffers, the Cleveland CG7 Tour Irons have the technology and design elements needed to make an impact at the highest level of competition.

A big selling point for the pros is the Dynamic Microcavity Technology. The Cleveland CG7 Tour best iron all have microcavities in the clubhead that decrease in size as the set moves from the long irons to the scoring clubs. That allows a varying amount of discretionary weight, and the designers here have positioned that lower and deeper in the club to improve the set’s distance and accuracy capabilities.

Mizuno MP-33 Irons Review

Mizuno MP-33 Irons haven’t been produced by the factory since 2006, so they are sometimes hard to find. But they’re worth the look, since they feature many of the Mizuno core technologies in a package that is reasonably priced.

Like the rest of the Mizuno best forged irons, the MP-33 has an optimized center of gravity. That creates the ideal ball flight, and higher launch angles send the ball lofting down the fairway. The company’s patented Grain Flow Forging produces a softer feel and excellent feedback.

These also have a classic look to them. The Mizuno MP-33 Irons have a classic blade shape, but also a larger hitting zone to increase the clubs’ forgiveness. Like most of the Mizuno irons, these have U-shaped grooves to manage spin.

Mizuno MP-52 Irons Review

Mizuno MP-52 Irons Review

The Mizuno MP-52 Irons offer PGA Tour-caliber performance in a playable series of clubs that makes it easier for skilled players to hit the ball like the pros, and for less skilled players to get straight and long shots even on off-center hits.

This innovative set features Mizuno’s two-pronged Dual Muscle Technology. The Mizuno MP-52 game improvement irons feature an outer, weighted muscle pad that precisely calibrates the center of gravity lower and deeper in the clubhead, producing the ideal launch angle and extra shot-shaping ability. In addition, each iron has an inner weight pad, for the feel and feedback that top players demand.

In addition, the Mizuno MP-52 Irons have a patented CNC-milled pocket cavity, one that conforms to the recent USGA groove rulings scheduled to take effect in January 2010. Two crescent-shaped grooves are milled into each the clubhead of each iron, creating 14 extra grams of discretionary weight to be redeployed in the most forgiving irons’ perimeter in order to increase the MOI. That makes the irons more forgiving, while still providing enough thickness behind the hitting area for a superior feel.

The Mizuno MP-52 Irons were one of many Mizuno iron sets to make the 2009 Golf Digest hot list. They’re definitely scorching up golf courses around the world, and are worth checking out.

Mizuno MX-950 Irons Review

With their Mizuno MX-950 Irons, the company has come up with another breakthrough: a hybrid designed set that’s filled with clubs that are powerful but forgiving.

Mid- to high handicappers will love the Mizuno MX-950 best golf irons, which feature pretty much every technological innovation the company has ever developed. It starts with the No. 3 and No. 4 hybrids, each of which features a huge MOI thanks to the high-density tungsten weights placed to secure the optimal center of gravity. Instead of the hard-to-hit traditional irons, these generate higher trajectories and softer landings in a far more forgiving fashion.

The No. 5-7 irons are grain flow forged hollow technology hybrid irons. Like the No. 3-4 hybrids, these have tungsten weights to increase the MOI, and because of the hollow technology there are a lot of extra grams of discretionary weight to put there. The result? Massively forgiving clubs that are easy to hit.

Finally, the No. 8I-PW are grain flow forged from mild carbon steel, which helps create a softer feel and greater accuracy. These are the clubs to use while aiming for the pin, and the Mizuno MX-950 Irons help a golfer do that with confidence and precision. All in all, it’s a set good enough to take strokes off the game of most high handicappers.

Mizuno MX-950 Irons Review

Mizuno MP-52 Irons Review

Mizuno makes some great irons, but some golfers reach a point where they decide a hybrid better suits their game. Have no fear. The Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid Utility best golf irons are here to meet those needs.

Each of the four options in the series of Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid Utility Clubs has a “hot metal” steel face plasma-welded to the stainless steel body. This design results in a higher COR and longer, more accurate golf shots. The low and deep center of gravity produces better launch angles for the appropriate trajectory, thanks to the Mizuno “Drop Down Crown” design.

Moreover, the Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid Utility Club are customizable. They are adjustable by both lie and loft, and can be tailored to suit the needs of any golfer’s game.

There are four different Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid Utility best golf irons, the 17, 20, 23 and 26. Each comes with the Mizuno Exsar HS4 shaft, which is designed specifically to suit hybrids, standard. They are also available in stiff, regular, light and ladies flex options, and by the time all of this customization is done it’s hard to find a bad shot in the bag.