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Best Office Chair Mats for Carpet (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2021

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Office chair mats protect your carpet from your chair wheels. They also make it easier to manoeuvre your rolling chair across the carpet in your home office. For many people, setting up a home office is simple. But beyond a desk, chair, computer, printer and other office and storage supplies, a few other small details will make your work life easier. And while often overlooked, an office chair mat is a great addition to carpeted floors. If your profession requires you to sit, a comfortable office chair is a must.

However, not many people consider putting down their home office flooring first. Most office chairs come with casters, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently around your workspace. If you have hard floors like tile or wood, you may be able to turn effortlessly. However, carpeted floors and rolling chairs usually don’t mix. To save your carpets and make working on an office chair easier, simply put a carpet office chair mat under your chair. We’ve rolled our office chairs on several wheels to find the best office chair mat for your home office or the one you need to use every morning.

OFM Essentials Collection Desk Chair Mats

Don’t let your ergonomic office chair ruin the carpet when you can simply put an OFM Essentials Collection 36″; x 48″; chair mat under your desk. This is a fantastic, simple carpet office chair mat that allows for easy mobility of your chair while protecting the floor beneath you. The underside has moulded-in spikes and nails that hold the mat securely in place. This versatile mat has been ergonomically designed to reduce leg muscle fatigue by allowing you to move effortlessly around your workstation. Suitable for use on low height mats, this carpet office mat will make working at your desk much easier.

  • Promotes ergonomic posture
  • Durable, will not crack or break
  • Rounded edges for smooth on/off
  • Premium floor protection
  • Non-slip surface prevents slipping

Dimex Clear Rectangle Desk Mat

The Dimex 46″x 60″; Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat is ideal for those with a slightly larger workspace. This 46 x 60-inch office chair mat gives you plenty of room to move around with a smooth top surface that makes it easy to move your office chair. Whether you have a hard floor, low pile carpet or even a medium pile carpet, this office chair mat will give you the mobility you need at your desk and it is also Greenguard certified as well as BPA and phthalate-free. You might also be interested in some of these helpful mat protectors on our list. Take a look at them.

Dimex Clear Rectangle Desk Mat

  • Ideal for short-pile carpets
  • Suitable for large workspaces
  • BPA-free, odourless and non-toxic
  • Blends easily into your décor
  • Lay flat when unrolled

Gorilla Grip Premium polycarbonate studded desk mat for carpeting

You can’t beat the ultra-durable properties of polycarbonate 100% when it comes to office chair mats. So place this Gorilla Grip Premium Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat under your chair or home office and move around your workspace with ease. The surface of this mat is super durable for everyday use with spikes to keep the mat securely in place. The wheels on your chair won’t dig in, giving you a comfortable surface to work on, and the clear, transparent design will blend in with any decor.

Top Pick
Gorilla Grip Premium polycarbonate studded desk mat for carpeting


  • Polycarbonate material prevents the wheels from sinking in
  • Spiked bottom to prevent slipping
  • Shipped flat for immediate use
  • Clear design
  • Tough surface for durability

AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat for Carpet

Replacing a carpet can be an expensive exercise and one you don’t want to do too often. Protect your carpets and other floor surfaces with this AmazonBasics polycarbonate lip floor mat. This is a generously sized carpet desk mat that offers exceptional protection to your carpet and other floor surfaces with a clear design that won’t clash with your decor. It has an easy glide surface with a grip back underneath for added stability. Durable and strong, it allows you to protect your floors without hindering your ability to move around your regular or standing desk.

AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat for Carpet

  • Polycarbonate prevents wheels from sinking
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and strong
  • Stability of the underside
  • Very short delivery time

MuArts Crystal Clear Desk Chair Mat

Crystal clear and super elegant is the best way to describe the design of this MuArts Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat. The size is generous, 47 x 35 inches, with a thickness of only 0.2 inches, making it relatively inconspicuous. This office chair mat is ideal for use on carpet and hard floors with a clarity that shows the beauty of the floor beneath. It was made from non-toxic and odourless materials, yet it is still durable and designed for heavy daily use. It can hold up to 1,200 pounds, making it a perfect office chair mat for the executive with a large, luxury office chair. For more practical products like this, check out our list of the best office chair mats on the market.

Top Pick
MuArts Crystal Clear Desk Chair Mat


  • Clear design
  • Suitable for carpet or hard floors
  • Made from non-toxic and odourless material
  • Can withstand up to 1,200 pounds of pressure
  • Durable and strong

Office Chair Mats Buying Guide
Features to look for in office chair mats for carpeting

Carpet type – Most commercial offices have low pile carpets to accommodate a large amount of foot traffic. However, when it comes to the home office, there may be several types of carpeting in your home. If you have a thicker carpet, you need to check the specifications of your office chair mat to make sure it is compatible with the type of carpet you have. Cleats or bumps on the underside of the office chair mat are essential to prevent the mat from sliding across your carpet.

Materials – When choosing an office chair, you need to consider the strength, durability and quality of the materials used to make it. Office chair mats for carpeting are available in different materials such as PVC, polycarbonate or tempered glass. Your choice of materials should be compatible with the size of your chair and the weight of the people using it. You want an office chair mat that is durable enough for daily use and free of materials that give off toxic fumes or odors.

Size – Office chair mats for carpet come in different sizes. Measure the floor area of your workspace to get an idea of the size you need.

Shape – Office chair mats for carpeting are usually rectangular, but there are square options. The most common shape for an office chair mat is one with a lip in front of the legs. The rest of the mat is a stable surface for your chair’s wheels to move on.

Maintenance – The beauty of carpet office chair mats is their simplicity. To install, simply lay the mat under your office chair and position it so that you can move around easily. For most mats, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe away any marks or spills, making maintenance simple.

Types of office chair mats for carpeting
Choosing the right type of office chair mat for carpet can be a difficult decision, as there are a variety of things to consider. First, check your carpet and choose an office chair mat that will protect that particular type of carpet without compromising your ability to move freely around your workspace in your chair. Polycarbonate and tempered glass are good options if your workspace is used for eight or more hours a day.

Make sure there are cleats on the underside of your office chair mat, especially if the mat is a little thicker to prevent it from sliding out from under you. The main factor to consider here is the type of floor.

FAQ – Office Chair Mats for Carpet
What is a carpeted office chair mat?

A carpeted office chair mat is simply a square or rectangular piece of plastic (PVC, polycarbonate, etc.) or tempered glass that, when placed on a carpeted surface under your desk, serves as a stable and sturdy platform or surface for your office chair.

Why do you need a chair mat?

Floor coverings can be quite expensive, and mats are usually costly and inconvenient to replace. The primary use of a chair mat is to minimize and prevent wear and tear on your carpets due to an office chair constantly rolling across a confined space. If you’ve ever tried to roll your office chair on carpet, you know it can be quite a workout.

After an average of eight hours of unsuccessfully trying to roll around the area of your carpeted workspace, your legs are going to be tired and sore. This is called leg fatigue. It may not be a big problem if you experience it occasionally, but 8 hours a day for five days a week and leg fatigue can become a real problem for you.

By placing a mat under your chair in your workspace, your chair will move effortlessly and your legs won’t have to do all that work. You’ll also protect your carpet and other surfaces from wear and tear.

How do you use an office chair mat as a rug?
Using an office chair mat on your carpet is quick and easy. All you need to do is find the right mat for your carpet type. Then, make sure it’s the right size for your workspace and place it under your desk in a position that allows you to easily roll around in your office chair without it leaving the mat. That’s it!

How do you clean an office chair mat for a rug?

Keeping your office chair mat clean is easy. You can mop it up with a mop, but that can get messy around carpeted areas. Simply soak a cloth in a solution of water and mild detergent to clean your office carpet. Squeeze out the excess liquid and wipe down the chair mat, paying close attention to any spills or scuff marks from the chair wheels or your shoes.

Whether you work in a home office or a commercial office, a carpet office mat can make your workday easier. When you can move freely around your workstation, you can be more productive, and you’ll prevent the carpet from being destroyed by your office chair wheels. Take a look at the ones in our buying guide and take care of your legs and your mats.

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