Best Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are a popular alternative to tanning outdoors because it takes less time and you have the benefit of having no tan lines. Not to mention that, since you are getting an indoor tan, you don’t have to worry about the weather or what you look like in a swimsuit.

Most folks go to a tanning salon where you will find a wide range of equipment to use. For example, you can find 10-minute beds or face only face tanners. Commercial establishments pay wholesale, rather than retail, for their products. This allows them to not only pay substantially less for what they have in the salon, but they can get equipment financing and even demo models that your home salon wouldn’t have access to.

Setting up a residential salon allows you to avoid membership fees, have anytime access and total privacy. It could cost you a pretty penny to set it up, depending on the bed. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 – $4,000 for the elite models. Depending on which model you purchase, you may have some accessories that are part of the deal. With the elite models, you can expect things like a curved canopy (tanning surface), dial timer, longer warranties, head pads, goggles, and face enhancing tan lamps.

Tanning beds come in multitudes of styles, shapes and provide a variety of services. It’s important, especially if setting up a residential salon, that you be aware of your skin type and expose it carefully. Education on the model that is right for you is essential to avoid skin damage. Then just enjoy that golden glow!

Some Interesting Information

Tanning beds, and indoor tanning in general, are certainly nothing new, having been with us since the late 70’s, but until recently the technology to put things like sunless tanning systems and salon-style tan beds and booths in residential homes has been far too costly for anyone but the very wealthy to afford.

Fortunately for those of us who are not extremely wealthy, this is no longer the case. Residential tanning beds are still costly, to be sure, but they can now be owned for about the same price as a large screen television set instead of the same cost, making them far more accessible to the average person. As technology improves and these items continue to drop in price, everybody who wants one will be able to have a tanning bed.

Tanning beds use specially designed ultraviolet (UV) lamps to tan the skin of their users. The UV rays supplied by the tanning bed’s lamps are the same rays that come from the sun. The UV rays therefore have the same effect on skin that the sun’s rays do: they induce a chemical reaction that spurs the production of the pigment melanin, causing the skin to tan.

There has been more than a little controversy concerning whether tanning beds are hazardous to people’s health. There is a good deal of evidence to support the theory that UV rays cause skin cancer. Because a tanning bed pummels the skin with about three times more UV radiation than the sun does, the medical community has been warning patients for decades that sunless tanning is dangerous, more dangerous than prolonged exposure to the sun. 

Contemporary Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is actually a location where you’re able to be oneself. It will be an extension of your character and character. Modern day bedrooms are preferred by people who like an easy-to-maintain, modern look. Here are a number of modern day bedroom decorating Tips.

Colour Scheme: A modern day bedroom really should have colours like mauve, white, pastels and earthy tones. A mixture of colours like greens and browns, mauve and golden are also incredibly significantly in vogue.

Fabrics: Soothing, soft fabrics need to be utilised. Heavy velvety drapes are a major ‘no’ for modern day bedrooms. Upholstery with geometric designs look exceptionally contemporary.

Accessories: Accessories are used to lend glamor to the bedroom. Accessories include items like wall hangings, nightstands, bedside lamps and chandeliers. In modern day bedroom decoration, accessories are utilised intelligently and minimally. Use metallic accessories like metal chandeliers and metal lamps.

Furniture: Use sleek, sophisticated furniture rather of old nation type furniture for any modern look. For instance, use Italian leather beds or reduced heightened platform beds. You could possibly also decide upon cocoon beds which can be found in irregular designs, to give your space a one of a kind appear. Even though picking out chairs, tables, night stands, wardrobe and other bedroom furniture see to it that they have a streamlined clean cut search. Read way more on modern bedroom furniture plans. Apart from all these modern day bedroom decorating suggestions, some points ought to be kept in thoughts before starting any project. The bedroom must be entirely clutter zero cost. Undesirable materials like old clothes, cosmetics, books, and so on. should be thrown out. The wardrobe will need to be intended in such a way that it supplies sufficient storage.

Modern day Italian Bedroom

When we think of decorating a bedroom, we should certainly to begin with of all have a specific search or theme in mind. Then almost everything, perfect from furniture, colour scheme, material patterns, window dressing to lighting and accessories should certainly revolve about that. Listed here are a couple of contemporary bedroom decor concepts.

Modern day Italian Bedroom

Paint the walls gray, as earthy tones are typical Italian colors. Place an Italian round leather bed of light brown colour in the middle of the area. Hang 5 mirrors of various geometric shapes on the wall behind the bed. Location a long glass best table in front of the bed and decorate it with a plant. Hold sleek leather chairs equivalent to study chairs on either side of this glass table. Use gray and brown upholstery for the room, as well as your modern Italian bedroom is prepared.

Contemporary Dramatic Bedroom

Who does not like a bit of drama in their life? For giving a dramatic search for your bedroom, cover the walls with full length dark tinted mirrors. Spot a low height bed produced of light colored wood in the room. Use lemon colored upholstery for the room. Spread a lemon rug in front of the bed. Preserve only one side table and spot a red liquid lamp on it to add drama to the room. A liquid lamp appears like an inverted bucket with blood coming out of it. Place red pillows on the bed to match the lamp. Use a wide variety of lights in the room like dim lights, bright lights and overhead lights to experience various moods in the identical space.

Contemporary Entertaining Bedroom

Modern bedroom decorating can add an element of entertaining to your life. Paint the total area in mauve colour. Use white furniture like a white cocoon bed, which comes in an irregular form and white side tables, that are immediately in contrast with the wall paint. Hang various sized, colored paper lanterns from the ceiling on prime of the bed. The lanterns will add quite a bit of color and enjoyable to the room. Use white upholstery and curtains. Location multi-colored pillows in contrast to the white bed cover. Keep away from keeping anything on the side tables to give the room a clean search.

Modern day Romantic Bedroom

Bedroom is really a place for intimacy and romance, and what colour would represent romance improved than red? As a way to give the space a modern day search, paint the space cream and use red accessories like a red vase, a red arc lamp, red scented candles in addition to a red chandelier. Use pink satin or silk fabrics for upholstery. Add an element of mystery to the area by decorating the walls with images of female figures, whose face is half covered with hair or cloth and isn’t completely visible. This is a single of those modern bedroom decor concepts which will surely ignite your passion. You’re able to also study more on modern interior designing tips and modern vs contemporary bedroom furniture for any improved insight.

A bedroom is really a location in which you pamper yourself and the ones you adore. The modern day dwelling dcor ought to lend each warmth and sophistication for your private space. Here’s hoping that these contemporary bedroom decorating strategies simultaneously bring comfort to you and add spice to your life!

brand new Appear for your Bedroom with Modern Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom will not be total with out splendid and comfortable furniture. The bedroom sets consist of handmade beds, dressers, armoires, chests, and night stands. They are available in a selection of designs, shapes and sizes. These elegant furniture sets make your bedroom look gorgeous. There is nonetheless an enormous choice of bedroom furnishing sets for you to choose from. The bedroom furnishing comes in distinct colours similar to white, cream, wooden and organic. The beds are offered in twin, double, queen or king sizes. A gorgeous bedroom can only be completed by its eye-catching and eye catching furniture assortment. It can be believed that elegant searching furniture adds a beautiful impact for your bedroom. People like to customize their bedrooms with lovely beds, cupboards and chairs. This furniture range gives you a all-natural and graceful appear for your bedroom. When you are opting to buy furniture, be sure that the furniture goes well with the theme of your bedroom. So, have you been planning to make an antique theme for your bedroom, you should remain prepared to spend a handsome quantity of bucks. In regards to choosing superior furniture for bedroom, one particular will need to take account of the bedroom design and style and private taste. This aids attain desired outcomes to get a dream bedroom. It happens to be observed that bedroom furniture like cupboards, beds and drawers can be customized for giving a much more moderate appear.

best home tanning bed

If you go for obtaining bedroom furnishing, do ensure that it delivers a real and sober feel to your bedroom. Selecting very simple colours to your furniture assist in making a soothing and comforting ambiance. These days, vendors provide a wide assortment of furniture for bedroom that suits the users. Lots of consumers really feel that this charming and lovely furniture range inculcates a feeling of togetherness amongst many people who reside there. You will find various kinds of bedroom furniture on the market in the market place currently. Customers can really make their alternative from a wide array of attainable furniture for their bedroom. Over the many years, a blanket box continues to be a superb piece of furniture. It can be produced up of strong tulip wood and commonly comes in clean painted finishing. The pricing of this piece of furniture is pretty price useful and they may be most beneficial suited for any bedroom settings. Wardrobe is a crucial bedroom entity and it aids in including charm to the bedroom decorum. Mostly, wardrobes include a graceful clean painted finish. Also, these wardrobes have enough space and 1 can readily accommodate several items with incredible ease.

A bedstead can also be thought of as being a decent order for any bedroom. This is clearly a centre of attraction for onlookers. It truly is observed that a nice bedstead has all notable attributes which include style, design and style, comfort and beauty. When bedsteads are integrated with modern styles and heart throbbing colours, it splendidly highlights the interior beauty of any bedroom. m.

Which one to go for and why?

It is an indisputable fact that we all spend a lot of time in bed, be that we are napping, sleeping, relaxing, reading a book or, God forbid, we are ill, the amount of time we spend in bed throughout the years gets bigger and bigger. Upon this idea we could really realize just how important the choice of the right bed frame is. If you think you would be comfortable in a big bed then you should look for king sized bed frames for sale.In fact, generally, when we look for bed frames for sale size does matters. The bigger the size of the frame is the higher the price would be. Yet we should not look for a smaller size for the frame, just because is cheaper. This way we would just end up with probably the wrong size of bed to sleep on and, in consequence, uncomfortable.When buying a frame, you should be aware of the different fabrics that are used to manufacture frames. There are fabrics that through their nature are more expensive making the price of the bed frame to go up. For example, genuine leather or suede bed frames are notable more expensive than wooden or metal frames. Still, if you are in the business of finding cheap bed frames for sale and you also would love to have an elegant and modern leather frame with a soft comfortable mattress, you should know that the alternative to those are faux leather and suede. These new fabrics have the great advantage of a reasonable price but still with the high quality standard intact. The least expensive of all materials is the metal. The original designs of metal frames were those on wheels. Today, metal frames designs have evolved to being one of the most demanded and modern style finish for bed frames and yet at very affordable prices.Also, for bedding solution there are many top brands on the market that you can choose from. These brands make their frames from different fabrics in such manner that the price is not affected by the size but by the quality of the material and why not the design. Following this idea, you could select your frame to come at a lower price if you choose a certain brand or a certain brand’s model for frame.When buying a frame, you should pay attention to fit all other complements, if you have them already, like headboards and footboards and also to come, if possible at a good price deal, with practical drawers underneath witch are great to save storage space in your bedroom.

How To Establish A Base Tan Without Getting Burned

  1. Be careful if you are on any prescription medications: blood pressure medications, antibiotics, skin problem medications are just a few categories of drugs you preferably should not be taking if you are tanning or spending lots of time outdoors. Refer to the photosensitizing medication chart in your local tanning salon to be sure the medications you are taking are not listed. These medications can effect the results of your tanning, making it more difficult to tan and you are more prone to burning.
  2. Always use a good quality indoor tanning lotion. It will help your skin to absorb the UV, which will aid in the tanning process. There are also special ingredients that stimulate melanin production, such as Tyrosine, which will give you the most out of every tanning session. Your skin tends to dry out during the tanning process and if you don’t use a good quality indoor tanning lotion, your skin will exfoliate faster, become more dry and flaky, and you will lose your tan faster. So the bottom line: for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan, you need to use quality indoor tanning lotion. It’s best to apply indoor tanning lotion immediately prior to your session or 1-2 hours prior is even better if you can. Applying it ahead of time allows your skin to absorb the lotion better so you will get the best results from your tanning session.
  3. Apply after tan lotion as well to take care of your skin and keep it moisturized. Apply it twice daily at a minimum to keep your skin happy, once in the morning and again at night before bed. This also can enhance your tan and make it longer lasting- the key to a great tan is healthy skin!

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4. If you are just beginning to tan, remember to start out conservative. Whatever you do, you don’t want to burn- you cannot tan on top of a burn and you will have to start over. The old saying “I always burn first and then I tan” is completely false, it simply does not have to be this way. If you burn, your skin is telling you that it’s getting too much sun, and then you will peel. So start out with a low number of minutes and work your way up. If you have fair skin but do have the ability to tan, you should not go more than 6-7 minutes your first time in a standard 20 minute tanning bed (also known as a Level 1 tanning bed). For stronger beds with shorter tan times, you would go for even less minutes. 

5. Go once every 24-48 hours to build your base. Depending on how well your skin is doing, you can decide whether you can go once a day or once every other day. A good rule of thumb is if your skin is not pink within the 24 hours after your session, you can probably go again the next day without any problem. If your skin is pink, feels dry and itchy, or you get a rash, this is a signal that you went for too many minutes and need to take a break until it feels better and then start over again. 

Final Step

  1. Once you build up your base, you really don’t need to tan as often. So depending on the type of bed you are using, you should only go 2-3 times per week to keep your tan, even less in stronger beds. This is where I see many people go overboard, tanning every day when it is really not necessary. Many people enjoy the relaxation time that tanning provides, but tanning too often can and will speed up your aging process and potentially cause other skin ailments over a long period of time. Just like everything else in life, moderation is key! 
  2. Wear eye goggles at all times! Many people think that putting a towel over their face will block the UV rays, but it doesn’t and repeated UV exposure can cause major eye problems later in life. Would you rather be blind or have lighter eyelids? I think I would choose the latter, but that is just me. For your own safety, please wear the eye goggles! 
  3. Since indoor tanning does not require the use of a bathing suit, use a towel to cover those ‘sensitive’ areas that don’t see the sun very often if you want to tan all over. In the beginning, try covering those areas for half the session and see how it goes. Gradually you can remove the towel earlier and earlier until you don’t need to use one anymore. The towel acts as a filter but won’t completely block the UV rays, so you are still getting the tanning process started. 
  4. To avoid getting creases or pressure tanning lines, you should move your limbs into different positions during your session. For the first half, try laying down with both arms extended above your head and legs apart. For the second half, bring your arms down next to your sides but away from your body, and re-position your legs by raising one knee slightly for a half of the remaining time, and then the other leg do the same thing. 
  5. Try to avoid wearing make-up, deodorant, or other perfumes prior to tanning. Some of these things can make your skin more sensitive and possibly have a bad reaction with your skin when exposed to UV. If you wear a lot of deodorant, you may notice that you are not tanning as well around your armpits, and you need to remove this prior to tanning.

When it comes to tanning, every person’s skin type is different and results will vary. Consult with your local tanning salon for a skin type analysis (from a Smart Tan Certified Tanning Consultant) so you can get a good idea of where to start.

Almost everything Old Becomes New Once again Antique Bed Frames

Regardless of how modern we come to be, the previous and it really is historical past seems to possess a hold on most of us. Possibly, that’s why antiques are so well-known. They serve like a reminder of our history. Every antique cup, chandelier, and antique bed frame has it quite personal distinctive historical past. It does not matter if the antique piece resided in the palace of kings or in the simplest one particular area log cabin, the top quality and workmanship of these pieces speaks of a distant past when every little thing was completed by hand and when people today took terrific pride in their workmanship.

It really is no wonder that antique bed frames have began to generate a trendy comeback. They’ve popular appears which might be classic and chic and come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Whether the frame is Iron, brass, or wood these pieces are prized possessions in several residences. And effectively they ought to be, as genuine antique frames can fees 1000′s of dollars some as high as $100,000 and a great deal more.

These bed frames are perfect for nation cottages and Victorian properties adding warmth and authentic old world charm you only cannot get in any other form of frame. Sadly, as a result of the modernization of bedroom furniture, today’s mattresses hardly ever match these frames. Though loads of people today solve this problem by deciding against getting an actual antique and acquiring a replica produced that is certainly suited to mattresses sizes right now other basically go complete steam ahead and make alterations in these antiques which include affixing the headboard to a wall and utilizing a way more modern bed frame or truly modifying the bed frame itself to match modern mattress.

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When the latter two solutions might make the bed usable it does in effect make it no longer antique. They now just have either an old searching or an old bed frame fitted to accommodate a further modern day mattress. To remain an antique a item will have to adhere to it really is natural kind and in the United states of america to it is organic hardware. Any alterations decreases the really worth of the antique and puts the piece inside a completely different category.

Thinking about the excellent of workmanship and hrs of labor that were put into these fine pieces and the simple fact that these pieces have survived a 100 many years or further, it appears somewhat sad that these fine pieces of human background should be altered only to accommodate today’s modern trend in bed sizes. There is a resolution to the trouble that could make these beds usable. It’s actually rather rather simple. As a substitute of altering the frame to meet modern day size specifications for mattresses why not have a custom created mattress made to match the bed itself? Not simply will you be saving a part of history but, you might actually be retaining the worth of the item you spent a lot on.

All 1 has to try and do is search at some of these fine pieces and see the fantastic hand carvings and the skilled workmanship that has gone into these pieces of furniture to know that it really is well really worth the work to preserve them for future generations. In some scenarios it really is more effective to let that that is old to become new again even though retaining its historical past and uniqueness alive

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Millions of people bask for hours in the sun’s UV rays in order to give their skin the alluring chestnut or golden brown tone that’s commonly associated with physical health and vitality.

The problem is that few people have the time to do it consistently. What’s more, fewer still approach their tans methodically and end up exposing their bodies to excessive UV radiation. As a result, the ultraviolet rays begin to break down the collagen and elastin fibers under the epidermis, leading to signs of premature aging.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of a tan without spending hours under the sun, and avoid any potential damage from UV light.Today, I’ll describe 3 types of tanning beds for sale and a few noteworthy aspects about each type. We’ll also take a closer look at the decision of buying new versus used models.#1 –

Conventional SystemsIf you’ve ever visited a salon, you’ve likely observed the long, horizontal capsules lined inside with tubular lamps. To use them, you would climb inside and lie down as if you were going to sleep.

Conventional systems typically use lamps that emit both UVA and UVB light. UVA light is primarily responsible for the tan on your skin. UVB light encourages the synthesis of vitamin D, but can also lead to burning.As you’re searching for tanning beds for sale, keep in mind that the technology behind these conventional models has improved dramatically,

and tanners who use them can enjoy a rich, lush skin tone. That said, tanners should take precautions in order to prevent overexposure to UVB light.#2 – UVA SystemsUVA models are also known as “high pressure” systems. Rather than using fluorescent bulbs, they use quartz lamps that pressurize the gases contained within at a higher level than that of the lamps used in conventional units.

One of the most important benefits of using a UVA high pressure system is that they can filter most of the UVB light, which significantly reduces the likelihood of burning. Some of the newer models will even filter a portion of the higher-frequency UVA light. As a result, you’ll enjoy a safer tan that lasts longer.

As you might imagine, the prices for these units are substantially higher than those for conventional models. UVA tanning beds for sale can often command prices of several thousands of dollars.#3 – Vertical BoothsVertical booths allow you to stand while exposing your skin to the bulbs’ UV light. There are a couple of reasons why this type of model has become popular as both a residential tanning bed and a commercial solution.

First, you’re able to rotate freely, which allows you to tan more evenly across your body. Second, your body doesn’t actually touch any part of the booth. By contrast, when you’re lying down horizontally, portions of your skin are in contact with the surface.

As a result, those areas of your body cannot tan as well.If you can find vertical styles, they’ll usually be priced a little higher than conventional models.Used Vs. New Tanning Beds For SaleBuying used machines will help you save money and preserve your budget, but there are some risks. First, there’s a chance that the unit can have an electrical problem. If that’s the case, having it repaired can be costly, essentially erasing the savings of purchasing a used system.

Second, used models don’t come with warranties. That means the parts may no longer be covered; if they fail, you’ll have to pay to have them replaced. Also, plan to have the lamps replaced whenever you’re considering used tanning beds for sale. Chances are, some of them have outlived their most efficient hours (the first 200 hours of use).

Often, you’ll find online retailers offering new tanning beds for sale. Their prices are competitive and many retailers will provide financing options. Plus, if you purchase a new model, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your system will work flawlessly and is covered by a comprehensive warranty

Commercial Tanning Beds

We’ve all heard how dangerous lying out in the sun is for us. The danger of getting skin cancer jumps to the top of the list of concerns. This risk is greatly reduced with the proper use of commercial tanning beds. The key to that statement is the word “proper”. Both indoor tanning and outdoor tanning is done with UVA and UVB rays. The difference is that by using a tanning bed, you can more accurately control the amount of rays your skin is exposed to.

Tanning equipment also allows any time to be a great time to tan. Whether you work the late shift and want to tan at 4 a.m. or you live in Alaska and spend part of your year in almost total darkness, you can still visit a tanning salon and receive a deep tan in the luxury of a controlled environment, with music piped in, and best of all, someone else responsible for repair, maintenance, and sanitation of the tanning beds. And, for moms, there is the added incentive of getting away from the children for a few minutes of peace and quiet, time to just concentrate on yourself with no interruptions. That alone makes the visits worth the price.

Tanning sessions at professional salons are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of purchasing a home tanning bed and maintaining it, and chances are good, after just a few visits to a professional tanning salon, you will have a good base tan that will last more than a few days.

Commercial tanning beds have numerous advantages over tanning in the sun. The next time you’re looking for a great tan, consider visiting a professional tanning salon.

Sun Protection: Save Your Skin

Tanning Bed Lamps: Just the Facts

t’s no joke. Today the sun’s rays are harsher and more damaging than ever before. If you want to prevent premature aging, burning, and carcinomas caused by UV rays, you need sun protection. Fortunately, there are dozens of techniques for providing sun protection for yourself, including brimmed hats, shading surf hats, light long-sleeved shirts, and a wide array of sun block products.

Whether you purchase expensive sun block or choose instead to lounge under an umbrella, you should be careful to protect your skin. Even sun block and umbrellas can’t protect you completely, and if you feel a burning sensation, you should go indoors immediately.

For added protection, you should wear sun blocking clothing by Coolar, Solumbra, or another company with clothing made with a SPF rating. With special fabric that protects your skin and wicks moisture away from you, as well as designs that are cool and light, you’ll be comfortable in sun and in shade.

You should be especially careful with children in the sun. Their skin is more delicate and sensitive to sunlight, and they tend to run around in the sun more than adults. You can find sunblocks especially formulated for kids, some in colors or with kid-appealing scents, as well as sunblocking clothing and wristbands that change color when they’ve been exposed to a maximum amount of ultraviolet light. With new evidence that our children need more sunlight to deter cancers, minimizing risk while maximizing exposure is a great plan.

However you choose to do it, you should be careful to provide sun protection for yourself and your family. Tans look great, but they’re not worth the wrinkles that may follow, and they’re certainly not worth dying over.

As the technology for indoor tanning improves, tanning booths are becoming an appealing option for people looking for good coverage and comfort while tanning.

Many salons offer the commercial booths to customers for the following reasons:

  • Customers stand up in the booths for an even tan because the light hits more evenly than when customers lie on beds; 
  • Sanitation of the vertical booths is simpler than sanitation of the horizontal beds because your body doesn’t touch any surfaces; 
  • Improvements in the technology, primarily bulbs and wattage, makes tanning safer than ever.

A longstanding complaint of customers who use beds is the pale areas that are often left. Their skin gets no tan in areas where the light rays don’t reach when they lie on the surface of the bed. When customers stand in a booth, back, front, and sides all receive equal exposure.

Cleaning procedures are simplified with booths because customers stand. With tanning beds, the customer’s skin touches the surface of the bed, leaving more chances for problems with cleanliness. Booths have built in cleaning systems, and salon employees receive training on how to operate them.

Scientific studies of light and tanning have resulted in safer than ever tanning equipment. The booths are designed to put more intense light in areas where more color is desired, such as the face, and to minimize exposure in other areas while still giving good color.

Tanning booths offer more options and better coverage along with safe conditions for the careful consumer of tanning services. This makes them the logical choice for your indoor tanning needs.

Tanning Bed Supplies Online

Some people choose to get a personal tanning bed rather than head to the tanning salon. For an avowed tanning devotee, a home tanning bed is practical investment saving one from expensive appointments. With a residential tanning bed, you can do your tanning sessions at your own convenient pace!

At What Cost

As it is an investment, selecting the right home tanning bed you need must be given due research and assessment. The price range for a home tanning bed is from $2,000-$5000. There are two types of residential tanning beds. The most popular one is the horizontal type made of plastic, wood, steel and the bulbs inside. Another variation of this would be canopy tanning beds, which are simple, roof-above-the-head machines hovering above your body. This is portable and cheaper than the conventional home tanning bed. Another benefit of the canopy tanning bed is allowing claustrophobics the space they need while enjoying a tan.

The second type of home tanning bed is the stand up tanning booth. Stand up booths use stronger bulbs thus sessions last shorter! You also get to move around freely while you’re at it. Some argue that with its harsher light reflecting from the bulbs, it is dangerous to use stand up booths. As long as you follow prescribed times inside (not a minute more), you are safe. Residential tanning beds are equipped with features that make the tanning experience more enjoyable. Things like aromatherapy, cooling fans and even radio, fight off boredom.

Buying used tanning beds is perfectly okay as it can save you hundreds of dollars. Vertical standup tanning beds cost more than horizontal systems. With any luck, there are discounted machines sold online.

Tanning Right at Your Home

If you want to get a really great tan, you need more than just a tanning bed and lotion. You also need a few other products and accessories. You can find great indoor tanning bed supplies and equipment for sale online, often at wholesale prices.

The first item to purchase is tanning goggles. These will protect your eyes from damage by ultraviolet light. If you wear them and don’t touch them, though, you’ll wind up with the raccoon-eyes look. When you use tanning goggles, don’t just let them sit on your face. Instead, shift them up, down, and from side-to-side, to let the skin they’re covering get tanned along with the rest of your face.

Disposable swim caps provide great time savings, especially if you have long hair. Instead of taking the time to braid your hair every time you tan, just tuck it into a swim cap. Swim caps are also great if you use a spray-on tan system. They will keep your hair up and away from the spray.

An absolute necessity is a tanning bed cleaning kit. You can find these on the Internet. Each kit consists of an oil-cutting liquid and a soft cloth for polishing. At a minimum, your tanning bed should be cleaned every three months, and whenever you see dust and suntan oil clouding the shiny inside of the bed.

Of course, you should also shop for tanning bed lotion while you’re getting your other needs. Great wholesale prices are available on bulk purchases, and sometimes if you buy your supplies from a tanning bed store, you can get a discount on the lotion or have some thrown in for free.

When purchasing tanning bed supplies, be sure to shop around for the best price. The same products can differ by as much as 50% in price from retailer to retailer