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Bitcoin Puzzle & Montecrypto Enigma Game: The Best Investment Plans

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Bitcoin puzzle is an acrylic puzzle box. This puzzle consists of two white limited edition bitcoin playing cards. This project initiated to get people to a world of finance and technology. This is a decent tool for all the collectors, cardists, magicians, and tech maniacs. These people can also think of these puzzles as best investment plans. The tech individuals are always going after the best cryptocurrency sites and best bitcoin sites. They are also hungry for finding new ways as to how to get bitcoins fast. How can we define bitcoin puzzle? Well, it is a visual analogy for the Blockchain bitcoin technology. This technology is present to allow individuals perform accordingly and provide proof of the work. This is to solve as well as mine the bitcoin playing cards from the block of the puzzle. Many best bitcoin sites will provide you a platform to solve this puzzle.

Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma Game

A game is launched by the name of Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma Game. If you are new in this field, then you might be surprised to witness how to get free bitcoins fast. If you are investing online, then this game offers you the best investment plans. This game is based on the theme of Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto. It was a game that gained much publicity in the year 2015. This game awards the solver of this game about $50,000. It also helps you if you are wondering how to get free bitcoins. It will also provide winners with additional bitcoin cash and other forked coins. On the other hand, the Bitcoin Enigma, which is a 24 series puzzlewill only help you to win 1 BTC. It is given as a prize for the individuals. Isn’t it the easiest way to make bitcoins?

It is no doubt a challenging game to crack. But at the same time, Montecrypto was launched as a social experiment. It was a game which was developed to see it as a test of collaboration VS. keeping secrets. This game was developed by the same game developer who was the creator of Legend of Satoshi Namakoto. Are you curious about how can these games will turn out as the best investment plans for you? To enter this game, you have to spend $1.99. When playing the game, you will have screenshots of the game, which will give an atmosphere of the PRG, grand and big building with mazes that creates an aura of mystery. The player will also look at the staircases and paths which will make your head spin. This is no doubt the easiest way to make bitcoins.

Other Games

Neon is another game which can be termed as an ethereum based game. Montecrypto t game in which you can find many similarities with this game. You have to make investments for this. But in the end, you will not disappoint as this game will turn out as the best investment plans.

Prominent Features of the Game

The following are the notable features of this game:

  • It consists of 24-mind games.
  • If you are the first one to solve all the enigmas of this game, then you will be prized with 1 Bitcoin.
  • You can also share all the visible hint with other player and play the puzzle as partners.
    Another strategy to complete this game and earn bitcoins is that you slow down the process by leading other players towards the dead ends, the easiest way to make bitcoins.
  • The game also has an atmospheric steampunk scenario.
  • If you have decided to play this game, then you can also join the treasure hunt.
    All the people who play this game can be sure of the fact that this is one of the easiest ways to make bitcoins.
  • You can also gather more information regarding the best cryptocurrency sites, and the easiest ways to make bitcoins over the internet.

Although these games are exciting yet they will also be the best investments plans for you if you think it like that. Yes, there is another way where you can invest. Search for the best cryptocurrency investment sites. You will be surprised when you will find some of the easiest ways to make bitcoins. Search online for the best bitcoin sites.

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