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You Will Never Believe How These 14 Camping Gift Ideas can Help You

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The best camping gift ideas for an adventurer, explorer, backpacker, hiker, or Robinson Crusoe. Essential accessories on the road, serious equipment, or unusual gadgets for hiking, trekking, camping, outdoor activities, and any trip in the mountains or off the beaten track.

Travel hammock, Swiss Army knife, nomadic solar panel, survival bracelet, water filter, a guide to speaking any language or multi-pocket clothing, this list is not lacking in ideas to please bivouac lovers.

1. A “Life straw” to filter water

Top Pick

The perfect hiking gift!

Sub Title

Created to help countries where access to drinking water is a real problem, the LifeStraw is distributed by humanitarian associations to people who need it.
Essential for hikers and travelers without borders, this straw purifies water to 99.99%, allowing you to drink from any source when you are on the go.
The straw can purify nearly 700 liters of water, which is the average consumption of a person for 1 year!

2. A Military Survival Kit

What better than a Military Survival Kit to support a fellow adventurer on his riskiest journeys?

 This multi-tool emergency camping gift ideas 14 essential items, including a first aid kit, a survival knife, a flashlight, a fire starter, a compass, a paracord bracelet, a wire saw, a survival blanket…

 All the little tools are useful to adventurers, campers, and hikers of the extreme. The elements are made of robust materials made to resist wear and tear. The kit comes in a waterproof case that can be attached to the belt.

3. “How to shit in the woods?”

“For an environmental approach to a lost art”: A real green book! One of the camping gift ideas for sure.

This well-documented book is full of tips and anecdotes for adventure lovers and hikers at the end of the world. It is a much more serious book that hides behind its provocative title. The question asked is treated with intelligence and a lot of humor.

“How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art” is a translation of the original book by Kathleen Meyer.

A guaranteed hit with nature lovers!

3. A travel washing machine

All hikers and long-distance travelers have to clean their clothes almost daily on the road.

This magic bag weighs only 180 g and cleans your clothes in record time. It is the smallest washing machine in the world!  3 minutes of cleaning is twice as efficient as washing by hand.

The principle of the Scrubba wash bag is very simple: put the clothes in the bag, add water and detergent. Close the bag tightly, empty the air and massage the laundry before emptying the water and rinsing.

A very useful green camping gift ideas for hikers and nomads.

4. A nomadic, waterproof, and powerful speaker

A mini speaker is designed especially for backpackers and hikers, because not only does it send a clear and powerful sound, but its ultra-compact design and waterproofing allow it to be carried everywhere.

Sound quality, compact size, lightweight, shockproof, waterproof, wireless connection (Bluetooth), autonomy, design, and ergonomics, it has all these assets! It exists in black, blue, or coral.

It is simply the best portable micro-speaker in the market, it is n°1 of all the classifications.

5. A foldable pocket water bottle

Very clever, these foldable bottles are made of high-quality silicone to lighten up while hiking. Because a water bottle is an essential element for escapades in the wilderness, this one does not take up any space when it is empty.

Once folded, they are 1/5 of the original size! Temperature resistant, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +100°. In addition, they are made of medical-grade BPA-free silica gel.

Guaranteed for life, camping gift ideas, this bottle that can be kept in your pocket once emptied is an excellent travel accessory.

It is also a very original and clever gift that will delight hikers.

6. Dream hikes – 50 itineraries around the world

Here is a superb book that constitutes a true bible for the hikers who like to wear out their soles in the four corners of the World. A collection of 50 hiking itineraries in the most beautiful places, in breathtaking landscapes.

The hikes are classified by level of difficulty, by altitude, by theme (volcanoes, high mountains, cultural hikes, islands, wide-open spaces, unknown lands, main roads), and by training level.

This book is also provided with pages that will speak to lovers of hiking trips. It talks about walking philosophy but also about physical and mental preparation. A complete book, which goes beyond the simple circuit.

7. A storm lighter

A storm lighter is made to resist all the bad weather. To start a fire, there is no better way.

This model has a built-in hanging cord and hook, a compact size that makes it ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, barbecuing, and more.

It’s perfect for adventurers because it can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as storms, rain, heavy snowfall. Plus, it’s waterproof.

It can be recharged via the supplied USB cable.

It comes in a gift box with its user manual.

8. A mini portable barbecue as camping gift ideas

A small barbecue in a suitcase! With a vintage design, this accessory allows explorers to grill kebabs when they are out and about.

The “Volkswagen Combi Bus T1 Camper Van Grill” is suitable for 4 people and folds easily into its suitcase.

This portable grill is lightweight and ultra-simple to use. Made of stainless steel, it is designed to be carried around as it closes like a 30cm x 20cm briefcase.

An original and very useful gift for gourmet hikers!

9. The Swiss Army knife of MacGyver

Here is an essential tool when you are hiking or traveling off the beaten path.

The Victorinox Huntsman is a real star because it is the model used in the MacGyver series 🙂

Huntsman translates to “Hunter”, it’s a Swiss Army knife with 11 pieces for 15 functions. In addition to the classics like the large blade, scissors, can opener or bottle opener, the Huntsman comes with a wood saw to prepare real campfires!

And of course, it comes with a lifetime warranty and will be replaced in case of breakage, upon request! A gift that will follow your favorite adventurer to his or her last trip!

10. A solar panel for hiking

Solar panels, to be attached to a hiking backpack, are an excellent solution to recharge the USB devices of globetrotters and hikers.

Compared to pocket chargers that are just gadgets (because they don’t work most of the time), this model is serious and delivers on its promise thanks to its large surface area when unfolded. Whether you place it on the ground, extend it through a tree, or hang it on your backpack by the four stainless steel hooks, as long as it’s live under the sun, it will charge your device.

Who says hiking and adventure say outdoor cooking and coffee. Here is a kit named “Aitsite Cooking Set” which has all the advantages: it is ultra-compact, it is light and resistant. It was designed for outdoor use, ideal for cooking on a stove or fire.

It contains a kettle, a pan, and a pot made of high-quality anodized aluminum. The elements have foldable handles and a non-toxic non-stick coating. The handles are made of thermally insulated plastic to protect hands from heat.

The battery is compacted into a single element of 18 cm by 10 cm with an overall weight of 610 g, which breaks all records.

11. An adventurer’s double hammock

This is a hammock designed for outdoor adventures: sturdy, strong, and durable. It is light, compact, and easy to use.

Ideal for adventures, it comes with tree straps and its easy-to-attach mosquito net keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.

Designed for camping gift ideas for couples , it supports a weight of 180 kilos and measures 250 cm wide and 243 cm long.

Its khaki color is ideal to avoid attracting insects and eyes.

Its empty weight is 450 grams for a double hammock, which ranks it among the lightest hammocks.

Never run out of battery again thanks to this nomadic, solar, waterproof, and shockproof 24 000 mAh battery

It extends the life of phones and other USB devices, it is essential for adventurers who cut themselves off from the world and do not want to risk seeing their phone, camera, GPS, or other USB device run out of battery!

Equipped with 3 foldable solar panels, it can be attached to a backpack thanks to its snap fastener.

12. “Pisse-Debout” for adventurous women

Ladies globetrotters, no more desperate quests for clean toilets or corners in the wilderness out of sight…

The pee-about is a revolutionary accessory of conical shape which, judiciously placed between the legs, allows any person without a penis to pee in all situations!

This tip is made of medical silicone, reusable, and can be easily rolled up in its compact cylindrical case.

Product elected “female innovation 2015”: The perfect gift for a young adventurer who goes on an adventure or a hike!

13. A flat Swiss Army knife

The SwissCard signed Victorinox is guaranteed for life! This all-purpose accessory combines all the elements of a Swiss Army knife in a credit card format

The card is light and compact, it can be easily stored in a pocket or a wallet.

Here is the list of its functions:

Letter opener

Four screwdrivers




LED white light


Ballpoint pen

Ruler in cm

Ruler in inches

An accessory that can get a hiker or camper out of many situations!

14. An adventurer’s sweatshirt

Here is THE garment to take with you on a hike or a trip to be able to walk around in a t-shirt with your hands-free while having your equipment at hand.

This sweatshirt offers an ideal solution to keep your travel accessories on you safely and discreetly! Outfits that will accompany you for years around the world.

These are revolutionary sweatshirts that feature compartments including large zippered and reinforced pockets that ensure the safety and accessibility of your travel essentials.

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