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Check Out the Top 5 hard hitter Opening Batsman Who Made the Cricket More Enjoyable

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Cricket is highly ruled by the batsman who has played delightfully in their career. In most of the time, it happens that batsmen are batting like giants even they did not see anything from the bowler but scored centuries and centuries. Whether you are producing in swing bowls or outswinger some batsman will make it over boundaries for sure. I am watching cricket since 1999 world cup so I have seen some great hard hitter batsman who has destroyed few bowlers career. Usually, in cricket planet, there are lots of hard hitter batsman but in my website, I will love to share about only top 5 openers hard hitter batsman who were giant in pitch. So let’s start watching and reading them.

5. Mathew Hayden

I have seen a very short time of Hayden batting. But when Hayden played he just demolished the bowlers. Whether you are a spin bowler or fast bowler Hayden will hit you out of the ground for sure. Hayden was one of the most hard-hitting openers of Australian cricket played really some giant innings during his career. Mathew Hayden also received the award of being included in Australian hall of fame.

hard hitter batsman

He used to play 103 tests with 184 innings during his career. Hayden has made 8625 runs with the highest score of 280 runs in a single inning. Hayden has also played 161 one day international matches and scored 6133 runs. In one Hayden have his highest score which is 181 not out. Hayden was one of the dangerous batsmen of Australian cricket team for any kind and any type of series.  Mathew Hayden played his 1st test or debut test against South Africa in 1994 and also played the last test against South Africa in 2009.

4. Brendan macculum

Yes, you have heard the right name, Brendon McCullum. Brendon McCullum was one of the best captain and hard-hitting opening batsman of newziland cricket. He was one of the best openers who has played delightfully and was able to hit the ball out of the park. He was able to hit the 6 to spin bowlers alongside with fast bowler. Brendon was also a fantastic weekend keeper. He used to start his career as a middle-order batsman but then was promoted as an opener. He played with an open face of the bat and batted really hard. In 2015 newziland was the runner-up in the world cup and Brendon was the captain of that NewZealand cricket team.

hard hitter

Brendon McCullum played his 1st test or debut test against South Africa in 2004 where he played as middle order batsman. He played 101 test match during his 14 years of test career and scored 6125 runs. His highest score in a test match was 302 runs. Brendon debut one day international was against Australia in 2002. Then after 14 years of odd career, Brendon played his last ODI against Australia in 2016 in February.

3. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is the player who is loved by almost everyone. Whether you support India or Bangladesh you will loveafridi for his giant batting great leg spin bowling. Even I have seen my dad who has just seen cricket because of Afridi lots of time. He used to enter the room and asked Afridi is there? If I say yes then he will start watching the match. We were the witness that people left the stadium after Afridi depart. So Afridi is called boom boom and was one of the famous cricketers of all time. Whether it is one day international, test match or t20 he used to play the same cricket in all these formats. He will never look after your bowling background but will hit you for 6 everytime he wants. 

hard hitter

Afridi was first who have made the record century by playing only 37 balls. This fastest century record was on top for a long long time. Afridi was one of the difficult and hard-hitting opener batsmen of Pakistan. When Afridi is on batting you can make sure that Pakistan can chase any score in any format. Usually, Shahid Afridi has played 5 cricket world cups and he was also a beautiful leg spin bowler. He retired from cricket after the match against Australia in 2015 cricket world cup.

2. vendor Sehwag

Virender Sehwag is called as ever in India. Sehwag is one of the best hard-hitting opening batsmen of Indian cricket even in the whole world. He used to play very aggressively during his time and hit lots of bowlers. Even he was the batsman who can easily hit the bow out of the ground. He was famous for his very hard-hitting batting. If you see that India score is 100 runs in first 10 overs make sure that everyone is batting. Whether it is spin or fast bowling attack Sehwag was always in his feet to make some quick runs. He used to play 3 consecutive cricket world cups ranging from 2003, 2007 and 2011. Sehwag was the opening batsman when India lifted the world cup in 2011.

hard hitter batsman

Virender Sehwag has played 104 test matches and made 8586 runs in his career. His highest score was 319 and his average score was 49.43 runs. Sehwag used to played 251 one day international matches and scored 8273 runs with the highest score of 219 runs in one match.

1.    Sanath Jayasuriya

Yes, you have heard the right name. all-time legend opening batsman and most hard hitter batsman of all time. Sanath Jayasuriya was one of the most successful captains of Sri Lankan cricket team with the achievement of the great opening batsman. He was one of the hardest hitter opening batsmen who can easily park the ball out of the stadium. After Saeed awards highest score which was for a long time Jayasuriya tried his best to break that one. I have watched the match against India when he demolished the Indian batsman and scored 189 runs. Before Ganguly took his wicket I thought that jaysuria is going to break the world of saeed anwar. Sanath Jayasuriya was an allrounder too who used bowl left-arm spin balling.

hard hitter batsman

Jayasuriya has played 110 test matches and he has scored 6973 test runs. His highest score was 340 runs in a single inning. Jays run has also played 445 one day international matches where he has made 13430 runs. Jayasuriya’s highest score was 189 runs against India in Sharjah.

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