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Chevy was born 75 years ago and is officially named Cornelius Crane Chase. Born in Lower Manhattan and raised in Woodstock. Chevy had a passion for music and became familiar with instruments at an early age. He also loves art. He began his education at Stockbridge School and later at Haverford College. His first two marriages failed; the first wife was Suzanne Chase and the second was Jacqueline Carlin. He is currently married to Jayni and they have three children, Emily, Caley and Cydney; their residence in New York. Chevy Chase Net Worth.

He is a renowned actor and comedian from America. Chasey started a comedy channel in 1967 with his co-founder, he then wrote for Mission Impossible on MAD Magazine.

He quit and decided to go into comedy full time; the Lapoon national radio hour gave him the chance to be a cast member. His net worth increases when he receives his salary for the episode aired. he billed about $7 million per episode.

He grew up and gained a lot of popularity and fame. He appeared on a weekly Saturday night television show; and he was nominated for the Individual Performance – Primetime Emmy Awards.

He updates their weekly section and is also an author. He has appeared in several films. “Orange County,” “The Hot Tub Machine” and “Foul Play.” Chasey has had the privilege of hosting academic awards on two different occasions.

“The Chevy Show” is his late night show. In addition to being on television shows, he was the cast member of the movie “Dog Years” and “Vacation” two years ago. He did the movie “The Last Laugh” released a year ago.

Chasey has had a few nominations for film and television categories; this is due to his unique acting skills. He was nominated for the Best Actor and New Star of the Year (Foul Play) in the Golden Globe Award. He was nominated for the Saturn Award (Best Actor) – Memoirs of an Invisible Man for the role of Nicke Halloway.


He has played many roles in movies, films and television. His star humor has good fans and offers more in terms of income.

Chevy has also done commercial gigs like Doritos, History Channel and Dollar-Rent-a-car. He has taken an active role in fundraising and the environment.

Chevy Chase’s net worth is $50 million, and this wealth has been accumulated from a variety of sources; not limited to writing, acting, and performing.

For several decades, Chevy has worked in the film and movie industry. He began by launching “Saturday Live” in the 1980’s; performing, in comedy, television appearances. His initial earnings were about $750 per episode on the late night TV show, and that’s how he continued to accumulate his wealth.


His net worth allowed Chevy to purchase a house in the Hampton, and the house is located on a large lot; over 2 acres. Its 12,000 square feet and has ten bedrooms and sold for 10 million dollars.

He has a second home in New York, where he currently lives with his family. it is a large house with a pool. Chevy Chase has a collection of luxury and sports cars, which fit perfectly with his immense wealth.

Name: Cornelius Crane Chase

Profession: American actor and comedian

Net worth: 50 million dollars

Spouse: Jayni Luke

Age: 75 years old

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