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If you have heard of air cleaners you will know that they are a great company that has worked very hard to be the best air purifier company they can. They have put a lot of things in to get people to try their products and realize how good they are. I believe they have the best selection of the best air purifiers for large rooms on the market that are easily moveable and don’t become an eyesore in your house.

The company is out of Austin, Texas and built their first air purifier in 2004, which is right after the fiasco with so called ionic air purifiers and the government. Alen believe they had an alternative to the ozone creating technology that would allow people to be at home, but not have to deal with high ozone levels.

You can also have a look at best tanning beds in this website. alen air purifiers has a couple different type of air purifiers, but they all are electronic air purifiers. They go into great detail to tell people the difference between air ionizer purifiers and air ionizer ozone purifiers. Obviously one of them produces ozone because its in the name, which means the other one doesn’t The difference is ionizers produce negative ions to air that enters the air purifier and traps them in an air filters right after this point and doesn’t release them into your air. The other does the same, but releases into your air without a filter, which is exactly what a “Ozone Generator” does, but those are usually much more powerful.

Besides this technology alen air cleaners use UV and silver metal to stop viruses and bacteria. The silver part is a sort of new thing that they discovered keeps bacteria from being harvested inside of your air purifier and blown out again, which happens if you don’t clean out your air filter when you are supposed to. Many times manufacturers get complaints from that but discover that it was a user error. Alen air cleaners help to stop that problem so the user can get back to breathing fresh air sooner.

Do You Know ?

Alen has their own test results for their complete line of air purifiers that show that they clean 99% of air polluntants within your house. They clean dust, dust mites, pollen, hazardous VOCs, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and mold. It pretty much takes care of everything. It cover up to 800 square feet with their Multi Gas air purifer, which does similar things as the iqair gc multigas air purifier. If you get back to homepage you can see some more products reviewed.

On top of all of this alen air purifiers give you a limited lifetime warranty, which is the first from any air purifier company ever! They give you a 60 day satisfaction guarantee as icing on the cake. They really want people to try because they know they will love them.

Austin Air Purifiers Reviews for
best air purifier for large rooms

If you thought austin air systems was based in Austin, Texas you would be making a long drive to Buffalo, NY to get that answer. In any case, it would not matter where you bought this austin air cleaner. The fact that the U.S. government depends on these austin air cleaners says enough to me that they are the real deal. Also many people have raved about them since they purchased them for their homes. These days it seems it takes a lot for an air purifier company to break the mold of using harmful technology to solve air quality issues. Sometimes the easy way is the best way to trick people they have the best air purifier available.

With work in America demonishing it is good to know that some good products come out of America. These austin air purifiers are made 100% in America. They are all done in a 480,000 square foot facility from start to finish, which makes it the largest in the world for this industry. If you are looking for results when it comes to the facts then Austin air cleaners have it done and signed for. Both Battelle Laboratories and The Army Corporation of Engineers at U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center have tested the austin air cleaner. As a result the U.S. government used it for FEMA and the Red Cross for post 9/11 clean up in New York.

Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air Purifiers Reviews

  • Large Particle Pre-Filter (Dust and Pet Dander)
  • Medium Particle Pre-Filter (Mold and Pollen)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (Smells, Odors and Hazardous VOCs)
  • Medical Grade HEPA Air Filter (Germs and Everything else)

The construction of the Austin air cleaners is well made and designed. The best thing they worked on is the air filter. It is top of the line and with the help of a properly allocated carbon filter, it gets rid of most of the air quality issues you can have. It has a 5-year warranty (air purifier and air filter)to back up its claims like many of the other quality air purifier manufacturers. On top of that, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee! The design of the air purifier is something that can be easily overlooked. Its square shape looks like something that would just take up space, but to optimally take in particulates it needs to have 360-degree absorption and that means not putting it up against a corner. However, even I have found that option to be nearly impossible. Mine lies within 2 feet of me in my bedroom right next to my bed where I need it the most. The real magic happens with the air filters as I stated. The air is brought in from all sides and goes through Austin air cleaners exclusive 4 stage air filtration process. This four-stage process may seem simple, but it is the key to providing high-quality air purification without the use of harmful technology. I will list these 4 stages below and what they do.

you can see from the Austin air purifiers video and the list above these features are very important to providing air purification to your home. The large prefilter provides your first layer of defence against dust and pet hair that is easily visible to the eye. You will see it Sometimes even stuck to the outside of the air purifier because it can’t make it through the holes. Then you have the medium prefilter that will stop pollen that you encounter in the Spring and Summer. You might even catch some mould within this layer as well since it is usually connected to larger particulates. The activated carbon is what will trap the odours throughout your home and will last 1-2 years, unlike most sleeves that last up to 2-3 weeks. The True HEPA air filter that has 60 feet of material is capable of stopping 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. This is where the real filtration happens and this filter will last 3-5 years because of its thickness and the fact that large and medium particles won’t be clogging it up prematurely.


In this section, you can get all the in-depth knowledge about each air purifier that Austin air purifiers have. These Austin air purifiers are some of the best on the market today. You will do your best to purchase an air purifier of this quality or better to fix your air purification issues without having to use harmful technologies. I will try to address all questions within these articles so that you are fully informed. If you have any further questions please contact me by email.

  • Austin Air Healthmate 400
  • Austin Air Allergy Machine
  • Austin Air Healthmate Junior

BlueAir Air Purifier

Every Blueair air cleaner is made with pure steel, which makes them very strong and not easy for air to escape around corners that may bend with plastic. You also will have a hard time breaking this air purifier because of the metal construction. They even won a Swedish award for the design of their Blueair air cleaners. I truly didn’t know an air purifier could win an award on design. Of course design is a very important thing when it comes to making sure that you are trapping all particulates that enter your air purification system. Blueair has thought this process through and provided you will the option to use ionic technology that is a bit safer for the family.

Two great things about these air purifiers is they have the energy star seal of approval and very high CADR ratings for all 3 variables (smoke, dust and pollen). Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) was developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and shows how well the air is cleaned per volume. These two factors pretty much say you can trust that these air purifiers work as they state and no surprises will be waiting.

BlueAir Air Purifier

BlueAir Air Purifier

Sub Title

  • The last thing you may be wondering about is the quality of the fan. BlueAir air purifiers suck in the air from the bottom to the top and make it pass through several layers of ionization and filters before it comes out clean on the other side. However, to do this efficiently the air must be circulated at high rates, which usually means a fan set to medium or high all the time. However, with this air purifier, you will barely notice the fan sound even at these speeds. Many people label this as one of their main complaints even though it is a small issue with air purifiers.

The last thing you may be wondering about is the quality of the fan. BlueAir air purifiers suck in the air from the bottom to the top and make it pass through several layers of ionization and filters before it comes out clean on the other side. However, to do this efficiently the air must be circulated at high rates, which usually means a fan set to medium or high all the time. However, with this air purifier, you will barely notice the fan sound even at these speeds. Many people label this as one of their main complaints even though it is a small issue with air purifiers.

As you might know already Blueair air cleaners are a great type of electronic air purifier. They certainly have changed the game when it comes to using ionic technology. I am actually really impressed myself. It is hard to have ionic technology and use it properly so the ozone does not release out into the air again. That takes a particularly good type of technology and it is finally one that people can trust.

Besides the ionic technology that Blueair uses they have great air filters as well. Their HEPA like filters are actually very good for not being HEPA. I think they are just trying to keep everything in the family and not have to use 3rd party products. They have a carbon filter called “SmokeStop” that does just that! They have kept the market to themselves and that I must commend them on. You really have to have it to the Swedish company. They have really brought a great product just like IKEA!

In the U.S. air purifier marketplace, the price of the BlueAir is a bit much compared to other safe models you can get for the same price that actually clean a bit better. However, performance-wise this is one of the best air purifiers on the market when it comes to utilizing ionic technology properly. I have tried to think of better ways to use ionic technology and this seems to be the safest and simplest way to actually filter the air and capture particulates with minimal ozone. I can’t say that I would run this day and night because I know ozone is still leaking from the air purifier, but it would be safer for a longer period of time than other main ozone air purifiers. I have also reviewed the best tanning beds.

As for myself, I have leaned toward promoting the Blueair air purifier because I think it works well with its different sets of technology. I know one of them is ionic and has been proven to be harmful, but if used properly and not for super long periods of time it can be done safely for those who don’t have major health issues or are very young children. If you have major air quality issues within a room these air purifiers can definitely help you move in the right direction to breathing freely.

Whirlpool Air Purifier

The first thing I want to talk about is the air filters that whirlpools use. These are the “True HEPA” air filters I have raved about in previous articles that give you 99.97% particle removal down to 0.3 microns, which is amazing. With the addition of a carbon pre-filter, you will stop super small particles and odours and smells that plague your household. I believe this one-two combo is the best if you don’t want to delve into the realm of ionic air purifiers or electronic air purifiers.

The next best thing is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), which their best model (Whirlpool AP51030K Whispure Air Purifier) gets a ranking of 315. It is hard to explain, but the bigger the better and this is a very high number. It is high enough to make their top model the number 1 filter-based air purifier for a consumer magazine! This model also has 4 fans speeds, while the rest have 3. It has a “Turbo and Sleep” mode so you can get maximum air purification and great sleep!

On top of this, the other benefits of a whirlpool HEPA air cleaner happen when you are years down the road and you know you are still covered by the 5-year warranty and the thought that you will never need to use it because whirlpool builds excellent products. You will also know that you are using an energy-efficient product because it is Energy Star approved. These things just give you a peace of mind about whirlpool air cleaners in general.

Whirlpool Air Purifier

Whirlpool Air Purifier

  • I know everybody remembers the whirlpool commercial where they show how well they work and how diligent they are with details when they make their products. Well…. all that stuff is true with their whirlpool air cleaners as well! They have excellent designs and great performance with these lines of products. You will be surprised to know just how many things for the home that whirlpool makes. They have been growing very well, but it’s even better that they do things right the first time!

If you have done some searching before you came here you would have noticed whirlpool air purifiers are very good at what they do. What you will like even better is what they are good at and how well they do it. I will show a few small tidbits of information, but you will find the most information within the individual reviews. In short, a whirlpool HEPA air cleaner is a great purchase you should make!

When you have problems with your air quality only the best home air purifiers can solve the problem. Like many people, I have severe year-long allergies that can be horrible depending on my environment. People can have allergies, asthma, cancer or lung diseases that make these products essential to the quality of their life. You also want to use home air purifiers if you have a smoke, hazardous VOCs, bacteria and mould inside your house or business.

I am here to help you solve your air quality problems. Home air purifiers can help you and your family with health problems or to even prevent them completely. I will help you breathe freely in your own home in no time! If you have any questions concerning what you should get please contact me! Below, you will find more helpful information to get you started.

Do You Have Questions About Air Purifiers and Air Filters?

If you are puzzled about air purifiers and air filters you should ask your questions. You can ask your questions about information on air cleaners and I will answer them promptly. Your questions will be posted online for others to find if they have the same questions as you. You will be able to help out other people just by asking a question. I believe questions are unique to a person’s situation and need personal attention and that is why I have provided this area for you. Please ask your smart home air purifier questions here!

What Types of Air Purifier Reviews Are There?

You may have noticed that you have a choice between several different types of home air purifiers like the best air purifier for large rooms. Each one has a particular purpose and works in a fashion that may or may not please you. I will give you a quick run down to help you get started on your search for the best air purifiers.

Which Type of Air Purifier Do You Need?

Since so many best air purifiers for large rooms are out there it can get confusing about what you really need for yourself. Most air purifiers will have a HEPA air filter unless they are filterless and will be able to get rid of your problems dust and dust mites to a certain degree. A lot of people need special attention to things, which is the reason they are looking for the best air purifiers available to try to meet all of the possibilities. Below, I will try to hit upon some of your major needs and provide a quick solution.

  • Allergies – HEPA Air Filter
  • Asthma – HEPA Air Filter, UV Light, Charcoal
  • Lung Disease – HEPA Air Filter, UV Light, Charcoal (High Quality)
  • Cancer – HEPA Air Filter, UV Light, Charcoal (High Quality)
  • Dentist – HEPA Air Filter, UV Light, Charcoal (Super High Quality)
  • Hospital – HEPA Air Filter, UV Light, Charcoal (Super High Quality)
  • Computer Lab – HEPA Air Filter, Charcoal (Super High Quality)
  • Fire Damage – Ozone
  • Hazardous VOCs – HEPA Air Filter, Charcoal, Ionic (High Quality)