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Faze Rug (real name: Brian Awadis), is an American internet celebrity, vlogger and leading prankster. Youtuber Faze Rug was born on November 19, 1996 in San Diego, California, USA. In short, he is an Internet sensation. He is particularly known for his entertaining videos on YouTube. He interacts with his fans around the world through his YouTube channels, Faze Clan and Fazes Rug. One of his best-known pranks is the cocaine joke, which has garnered 17 million views on YouTube. Know the net worth of the rug for YouTuber Faze in 2019.

Faze Rug is sweeping through the YouTube fraternity like a wildfire or tsunami. He started his pranking career in 2018 and anchored it on his YouTube channel which he started on 11 July 2012.

Just like other renowned tech icons such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg: who decided to venture into the fields of their profession as opposed to pursuing their studies, Faze also dropped out of school and started uploading a video a day. Most of his videos are about his daily life, not to mention some dangerous pranks.

For example, he posted a video where he was gambling and risked losing $50,000. The videos have made him a good fortune over the years and continue to make him more and more money every day. No wonder he keeps creating videos and uploading them, because he knows what they add to his coffers.

Since his debut on YouTube, he has managed to gather 7.68 million fans who are active subscribers. In total, he has managed to collect an incredible 1.53 billion views to date. Apart from prank video on YouTube, which is his main platform, Faze does not engage in any other work such as TV shows, movies or songs. He decided to venture out and stay in the entertainment business, which was bringing him good results. If you look at his age, lifestyle and what he owns, you don’t need to know that his efforts as a prankster pay him well.


Faze’s success is attributed to his resilience due to the strict consistency he has maintained throughout. He just decided one day that what he wanted to do for a living was vlogging. Moreover, Faze Rug’s wealth cannot diminish as it continues to accumulate from the videos he has already uploaded – not to mention the ones he uploads from time to time. The best thing about YouTube is that they pay you based on the number of views of your videos. Faze keeps the videos streaming and his best advantage is a large number of subscribers to his YouTube

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