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Get a $250 Target Gift Card!

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As an agency specialized in the sale of promotional items and gifts, Targetcom also offers a gift card to help companies build loyalty among their customers and sales representatives,

Gift cards are also an interesting solution to congratulate and mobilize your staff

A solution adapted to offer a gift with 100% satisfaction.

Indeed, the French are crazy about gift cards. Simple, practical and trendy, it reassures the consumer. With it, it is impossible to make a mistake. The gift card will always please its recipient.

Its particularity: it has no face value but allows the recipient to choose his gift in a Web window, according to a purchase level pre-defined by the company (but unknown to the customer). This allows to erase the commercial aspect of the gift and to focus on the pleasure aspect of the reward.

Moreover, by opting for this solution, a card will save a lot of time. You will spend less time than having to find THE perfect gift among our range of products. It’s a must-have for people in a hurry and for latecomers!

In concrete terms, the customer receives a personalized gift card. He connects to a dedicated platform and can choose the gift of his choice by identifying himself.

The offer starts at 35 € per card. Five purchase levels are proposed: 35, 50, 75, 100, 175 and 250 €. This rate includes the selection of 30 gifts from major brands (Cerutti, Ungaro, Cacharel,… and so many others) for each level, and delivery to the recipient.

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