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Everything you wanted or needed to know before Buying your first best golf push carts Every golfer has different requirements they look for in a golf push or pull cart. Are you the kind of golfer who wants a lightweight cart that you can easily maneuver around the course, or is it more important to have plenty of perks, like an umbrella holder, beverage holders, or a built-in seat?  Do you have limited space to store the Cart when you not using it or have a small cart.  Below is a list of things that will help you decide what’s importantso you can select the right push or pull cart for you.

Types of Golf Carts (2 , 3 & 4 Wheels):

You can either choose a design that has two (2), three (3) or four (4) wheels. Golf push carts with 2 wheels are more maneuverable and pulled behind when you walk the golf course. Designs with three or four wheels are Push Carts and much more stable and comfortable.   Push carts are easier to use and requires less effort than Pull Carts.  Pushing a golf cart allows your arms to work in a more natural position. With pull carts, you have to drag your bag cart behind you, which can cause strain on your arms and surrounding joints.

best golf push carts Price Range:

There are many price points available to the consumer when purchasing a golf cart ranging from an entry level pull cart at $79.99 to an electric remote controlled golf cart for $1999.99.  The 3-wheel golf carts in the comparison table below range from $179.99 to 299.99.  Best pricing on web are available too.

best golf push carts Quality:

One of the next things to consider when buying golf push carts is the material used to construct them. Common materials include aluminum, steel, and titanium. best golf push carts made from aluminum will be much lighter, but will be more susceptible to dents. Steel designs will be the most durable but also the heaviest. Carts made from titanium are strong and light but the most expensive.

Consider the Weight:

It is important to also make sure the golf cart is not too heavy for you to pick up and place in your car or store on wall in your garage. Carts range in weight depending on the material and the accessories added to the frame.  I’ve include Weights (without Accessories) in the comparison table below.


3 wheels a push cart are much less likely to tip over on uneven terrain, especially while the cart is in motion. With a 2 wheel pull cart, one slight move in either direction can send your cart, bag, and clubs crashing to the ground, sometimes causing damage to your equipment.  You’re looking for a low center of gravity.   All of the three wheel carts listed below have very good stability.

Golf Cart Accessories:

Accessories are much more prominent on 3 and 4 wheel push carts than 2 wheel pull carts.   Three and four wheel carts have plenty of storage space for wallet, keys, golf balls, tees, drink holder, umbrella, raincoats,  GPS holder, seats and much more.  2 wheel pull carts generally have limited space for most of these accessories.  Adding these accessories will make your golf game much more enjoyable, and reduces the chances of misplacing your essentials items, especially your car keys, while playing a round of golf.  The below comparison chart indicates the available accessories for each of these models.

Buying Guide


One of the most important features in a best golf push carts is how the cart folds up. There are numerous carts that fold to a very small compact. Keep in mind the space you have in your car when selecting a golf bag cart.


Most carts used to be made out of air filled rubber tires with solid aluminum rims and spokes similar to a bike. The cost of the these tires are quite expensive to manufacture so most vendors quickly improved the quality and consistency of eva/polymer/foam wheels so that the performance is the same if not superior to air filled wheels without the maintenance issues.


You should also think about the brackets when buying best golf push carts. These brackets are designed to secure your golf bag while using the cart. It is usually best to buy golf push carts that allow you to adjust them. You should easily be able to switch to different heights.

Braking System:

Brakes are designed in 2 manners: a foot brake or hand brake.  A brake is nice to have but it is not essential to use on flat golf courses.  However, Its very important to golfers on hilly courses, especially when going downhill to keep cart from pulling you.  I think hand brakes are better for hilly regions because foot brakes are more difficult to use when walking.  The table below compares the type of brake each model has.

Adjustable Handle:

Ability to adjust the angle of the cart handle so it can be positioned properly for tall or short golfers when pushing the cart. This is a nice feature if you are very short or very tall otherwise it should not be a critical factor in your purchase.

That’s pretty much everything you need to consider.

3-Wheel Golf Push Carts Model Description

Bag Boy has introduced a new three wheel golf cart the includes a revolutionary Swivel-Tech™ Technology to make walking the course more enjoyable.  The Bag Boy TriSwivel best golf push carts features Swivel Tech™ Technology in the 9.5 inch front wheel that swivels 360° for effortless maneuverability.  The front Swivel wheel can be locked into place by engaging the remote Swivel Lock Out.   The rear wheels are over sized, 11.5 inch, so they roll easily through the grass.  Bag Boy Triswivel push golf cart is made of weather resistant aluminum frame.  The parking brake is mounted on the durable handlebar grip.   Easy one-step handle adjustment accommodates golfers of all heights.  This golf cart has a Deluxe scorecard holder with pencil holder and secure umbrella holder, among other accessories.    Integrated tee and ball holder Integrated beverage holder. Over sized storage bag included.  All tires are solid foam making them maintenance free.  The cart folds down in three simple steps to 22 x 14 x 18 inches, making it super compact to fit into the car trunk. Backed by a one-year warranty and available in four colors – red, silver, white and matte black.    

Clicgear 3.0 Golf Push Cart Review

The Clicgear Golf Bag Push Cart is the original compact three wheel golf push cart and winner of the 2007 Best New Product Award at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. Clicgear offers a full sized three wheel golf push cart that glides smoothly down the fairway and yet still folds up incredibly small. At only 13″ x 15″ and 24″ when folded, it won’t take over your car trunk or garage.

The Model 3.0 has had a major upgrade for 2010.  Most of the changes to this Golf Push Cart came from suggestions their customers made. So the Clicgearl 3.0 has ended up as an answer to all of those requests. 

The handle console has been completely redesigned with almost double the storage room and even more room underneath with a new storage net.  A new center mounted brake handle which is easier to use.  The handle foam has been replaced with a much more durable material.  A new push button lock design for the front wheel pivot is more robust and intuitive to use.  They have also added three accessory tabs to the handle to easily install of the  Clicgear 3.0 accessories including the new features including a standard cup holder that fits just about any bottle, cup or can you could find.

Clicgear 3.0 Golf Push Cart Review

Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1

The SV1 is the newest model in Sun Mountains populr Speed Cart® Series of best golf push carts. The new E-Z LatchTM System simplifies folding and unfolding the cart and adjusting the handle height.  It rolls easily over all sorts of ground, even in the roughest of rough. Best of all, in the SV1 my bag sits so far off the ground that your golf towel won’t get tangled in the wheels.

Other great features on the SV1 golf push cart has a totally redesigned console, which is divided into three separate sections and allows golfers to separate and divide various electronic devices and accessories. This new console also conceals a slide-out tray for a scorecard and pencil. The SV1 also comes standard with a cargo net that sits below the console and offers a convenient place to hold head covers or clothing.

The SV1 does have a few flaws, however. The pencil holder slot in the slide-out scorecard tray is wide enough to hold thicker pencils, but this also means that smaller pencils slip all the way inside..  The one feature that was found least appealing was the drink holder. It comes separately from the frame and just hooks on and could fall off  easily. There have also been reports of the cart not being very stable when golf bag is on, especially on hilly courses.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1

CaddyTek Caddylite 15.3 V2 - Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart

This Premier Golf Push Cart folds compactly. Its frame is extremely strong, nevertheless light weight. Its stable with a long frame which was built for effortless pushing! Patented bag holder fit bags of all types securely. Luxury scorecard holder integrated with the beverage holder, storage compartment, and ball alignment marker. Adjustable handle for multiple pushing position. Front wheel alignment mechanism. Patented Hand Brake System and unique Quad-Fold mechanism folds the cart to compact size (16″ x 16.75″ x 27.5″) in 3 easy steps.   This Golf Push Cart is a Great Value!




  • Padded adjustable handle for multiple pushing positions
  • 30 wide body style for effortless pushing
  • Luxury scorecard holder integrated with storage compartment
  • Patented golf bag bracket for stand bag
  • Patented Hand Brake System
  • Umbrella holder and storage rack included
  • Umbrella Holder/Rack



CaddyTek Caddylite 15.3 V2 – Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart


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