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How did Queen Latifah achieve a net worth of $60 million?

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Queen Latifah is a well-known American from New Jersey who has achieved fame and success in the entertainment industry. She is a well-known actress who started in the music industry. She is not only an actress, but also a professional singer and producer. Queen Latifah’s net worth is estimated at $60 million. How did she get so rich? Was it because of her singing, acting, producing or a combination of both? We took a look at her life and career and here’s what we learned.

Her youth

She was born in March 1970 in East Orange, New Jersey. Her parents are Rita Lamae and Lancelot Amos Owens. They named their daughter Dana Elaine Ownes. She later adopted the stage name Queen Latifah for professional reasons. Her childhood was not always easy, as her parents separated and divorced before she was a teenager, but her mother ensured that she attended a Catholic school and taught her the Baptist religion.

Her career

Queen Latifah found success at the age of 19 with her hit album “All Hail to the Queen” in 1989. She was signed to the Tommy Boy Music label and her album sold a million copies. This gave her the financial boost she needed to start her own record label, which she called Flavor Unit Records and Management Company with her partner Shakim Compere. The stage name she chose has an important meaning, translated from Arabic, it means “goodness”. After founding her company, the young Dana Owens became CEO and business leader as a very young woman in 1991.

A third career line

Queen Latifah had already become a successful singer and businesswoman, but this multi-talented woman knew she could do it. So she decided to try acting. She gave a great performance in the film “Juice” in 1992 and was so successful that she was offered the lead role in the TV series “Living Single”. The latter was a sitcom and she excelled in this role as well. Soon she accepted the role in the film “Set it Off” in which she played a bank robber with Vivica Fox and Jada Pinkett Smith, again delivering a high standard and making her lesbian character believable and powerful in 1996. Queen Latifah is a major actress and in 1998 she is not only involved in the film “Living Out Loud” but also releases her fourth album in the hip hop genre entitled “Order in the Court”, which she also co-directed. produced and released by her own label.

The changes are coming

In 2004 she released the film “Taxi”, but it was not as popular as her other acting jobs. She also changed the type of music she sang. She left the world of hip-hop and turned to jazz and soul music. Although her acting career in Taxi was slowed down slightly, she regained momentum with her 2015 performance in “Bessie” for HBO. The film was so well received that Owens received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, which was a bit of a red flag. Owens has been in several other films. Whether successful or not, her performances in the roles she played were by no means average. Owens established herself as a talented actress in addition to all her other commercial and entertainment ventures, which often intersect.

Other interesting facts

Queen Latifah has also added other projects to her incredible portfolio. She has been a professional rapper, television producer, actress, record producer, model and even a talk show host. In 2019, she is 49 years old and has amassed a considerable fortune of $60 million. She is considered one of the pioneers of hip hop music, representing a feminist point of view. She has also received several awards, including two NAACP Image Awards, for her hard-hitting songwriting on issues facing black women. She has also received three Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy Award, multiple Grammy nominations, an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award.

Where did she get the millions?

After looking at the interesting history of Queen Latifah’s career, it’s obvious that this lady has many talents. She seems to be good at everything she does. She got her start in the music industry, in the hip-hop genre in particular. The popularity of her first album and the strong sales gave her the push she needed to expand her options professionally. The music industry benefited her, but she also benefited from it. It’s rare to see such rapid fame and success in an artist, but Owens went from strength to strength and it all came together quickly. To top it all off, she hasn’t let success change her. She managed to keep her head on her shoulders and take care of her business.


Few people experience this kind of luck, even when they are extremely talented. However, Owens is different. She has a strong spirit and a strong will to succeed. She has shown the world many things she is capable of and we don’t think she is done yet. Setting up her own recording and management company was a major milestone, and becoming an early manager allowed her to start building her fortune. After the success she has had in her music, production and theatre, we have to conclude that she has earned her $60 million through a combination of these activities and not from a single source.

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