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How to Call Philippines from USA

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What is the country code for the Philippines?

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The Philippines is part of the Asian continent close to the countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei Darussalam, Palau, Cambodia, and Laos. The country code to dial to call the Philippines is: 63

Please note that the international dialing code 63 is only required to call from abroad to the Philippines. For national calls made in the Philippines, it is not necessary to dial country code 63. Finally, to call your correspondent in the Philippines from a country abroad, first enter the exit prefix which takes one of the following forms: 00 / 011 / 810, and the sign “+” for calls from the cell phone. Here are the possible forms: 0063 / 810 63 / 011 63 / +63.

Phone instructions for calls from France

Calls to fixed and cell phones
To call a Philippine landline number from France
dial the exit prefix ’00’ ;
dial the Philippine international dialing code;
indicate the local code of the cities without “0” (ex. “52 ” for the city of Albay) ;
dial the landline telephone number.
Illustration: 00 63 52 XXX XXX, 52 being the local code of the city “Albay

To call a cell phone number from France to the Philippines

dial the exit prefix ’00’ or ‘+’;

dial the international code of the Philippines (63);

indicate the local code of the cell phone;

Dial the cell phone number;

Illustration: 00 63 Z XXX XXX. Z being the local code to call a cell phone in the Philippines

Call to the Philippines from another country than France

– 1st Example: Contact your Philippine correspondent from Belgium: dial 00 (exit prefix), then 63 (international code) followed by 52 (Albay city code), and finally the 6 digits of the phone number XXX XXXX like this: 006352 XXXXXXX.

These two examples are valid for calling a cell phone number. The local area code for Philippine mobiles is usually: “Z”.

– 2nd Example: Calling to the Philippines from the United States (USA): dial 011 (exit prefix) + 63 (international code) + 52 (local city code) + XXX XXX like this: 0116352 XXXXXX. This example is also valid for calls made from Canada.

Useful things to know before calling the Philippines ;

Knowing the Philippines

The Philippines belongs to the Asian continent. The population of the Philippines is 97,976,603 with a surface area of 300 km². The Capital City of the Philippines is Manila and the country code is PHL.

Making a phone call in the Philippines

You have a phone line from a Philippine operator and you want to make a call in the Philippines, two things to know:

Local call: To call within the Philippines, dial directly the phone number without entering the Philippine international code ( 63 )

International call: it is necessary to dial the exit prefix of the Philippines : (00) and then dial the international code of your correspondent’s country.

International Phone Prefix Calculator Tool

What time is it in the Philippines?

Before calling your Philippine correspondent, do you know that at this moment it is :


The current date in the Philippines is :


Economic information about the Philippines

The Philippines is ranked 36 in the world according to the 2015 IMF ranking. The GDP for the current year is 308,033 and the unemployment rate is estimated at 6,800% of the Filipino labor force. The following table shows the development of the Philippine economy from 2013 to 2015.

Key figures on telephone access and use in the Philippines

Access code (exit prefix): 00

Philippine international dialing code: 63

Fixed-line subscribers (2013):

2,939,298 Filipinos

Cell phone subscribers (2013): 102,875,433 Filipinos

Mobile network coverage: 99% of the Philippine population

Phone code calculation tool

Select the country from the list to find the exit prefix and international dialing code.

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