The Best Therapy Massage Chair

Buying a big thing can be a bit stressful and when you buy a therapy massage chair that is more important and costs three times more than your phone, make sure you make the right choice..

Why are we here? Therapy massage chairs have multiple brands and styles and each feature is designed to address specific concerns. So, how do you determine which chair provides what you need and the difference between style and the abundance of designs available?

First, you start with understanding the basics. Here, what to look for when you are buying a therapy massage chair and we will address every key aspect of this item that can streamline your decision including price, program, user concerns, health search, top brands, here and employee favorites. When buying a therapy massage chair, this guide is behind you.

YXLJYH 72" Massage Therapy Bed Split Leg Chair

In 72 Inch Compatible Therapy Bed Split, Leg Chair Beauty Tools Featuring compatible parts and split legs, it is a versatile 2 in 1 bed and chair that is suitable for all needs in beauty salon. Adjustable backrest and leg rest enable it to be positioned like a flat or chair. What’s more, their length and angles supporting the two legs can be adjusted individually. This multi-function chair is an essential piece of equipment for various professions such as facials, massages, pedicures, tattoo sessions and body piercings.
Knowing the importance of promoting healthy posture habits, the desk chair has been fitted with combinations of adult frames with an arched support back and leg rests.

YXLJYH 72 Massage Therapy Bed Split Leg Chair


•                    Three-section bed with leg rest and adjustable backrest.

•                    Placed in a flat or chair-like position

•                    Split leg design, two leg support can be adjusted independently from their length and angle

•                    Dense foam cushions give ultimate comfort

•                    Durability Premium quality upholstery for years

•                    Ideal for multi-function chairs, facials, massages, pedicures, tattoo sessions and body piercings

•                    Can be easily packed and carried in Oxford bag for portability.

Note: Sales in the United States only (Alaska, Hawaii, Will, I, Puerto Rico, Guam, Palau, Uswargin Islands, American Samoa, Micronesia, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands).

iLiving Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat Therapy Chair

Amazing Iliving Shiatsu Portable Back / Neck Massager with Heat Therapy uses the latest 3D massage technology, available only in massage chairs. This intelligent massage system mimics real life hand movements, giving users a real, enjoyable and effective full back massage covering the neck, shoulders and back. The massage action is circular, mimicking the movements of the massage therapist, to gently relax the sore muscles. It brings an alchemical heat activating feature, which is suitable for relieving pain in muscles and joints, especially along the spine. This innovative massager uses only 48 watts and plugs in regular household outlets. It is lightweight, weighs only light pounds, it comes with an AC adapter so you can use it in your car too.

iLiving Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat Therapy Chair


Portable 3D Shiatsu back and neck massage that provides deep, point-centric massage.

  • Innovative humanized knotting action with pleasant radiating heat on the neck and back.
  • The seat cushion has three different levels of massage settings with vibration features.
  • Settings include a lower back, upper body, and full back massage for a personalized experience.
  • Lightweight, highly portable, fits any chair with stretchy back straps. Car comes with AC adapter.

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage The most innovative Rio portable massage chair is lightweight but incredibly powerful, infinitely adjustable, and extremely comfortable featuring adjustable face cradles, armrests, chest pads, seat pads, and removable knee pads. It’s making aircraft-grade aluminum and high-quality materials ensure durability and safety. Ergonomic design and exclusive small cell molded foam cushioning system gives maximum comfort which your clients will surely love it! Rio chairs are easy and compactly foldable which is super-portable and stable, it brings a specially designed luggage-style wheeled carrying case so easy to carry and can fit the needs of all professionals.

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair


  • Lightweight yet strong: The Rio massage chair itself weighs only 24lbs. Working capacity 600lbs. Air-grade aluminum frame with fiber-glass strong nylon parts ensures durability and protection. Support weight: 1200 lbs.
  • Ergonomic design: designed specifically for professionals. The Rio Massage Chair is equipped with one of our beauty smart cell foam cushioning system which provides superior comfort.
  • Infinitely adjustable: Adjustments include face cradle, armrest, book pad, and seat pad. Multiple faces, arm, and chest adjustments as well as removable knee pads enable optimal client positioning and adjust all client sizes.
  • Easy to carry and store: compactly, super-portable and stable folding. The wheeled carrying case with unique design makes it easy to move and store.
  • High-Quality: Guaranteed by Life Lifetime Limited Warranty, manufactured by Master Massage, a professional massage equipment manufacturer and supplier since 1998

Pisces Productions Portable Bench, DOLPHIN STRETCH

Pisces Pro Dolphin Stretch chair is a best way to stretch your backbone, nerves, and relieve vertebrae. Your treatments enhance it by using it in cramps, therapy, yoga, weight lifting, meditation, bodywork, and much more. Great for the gym, chiropractic office, home, spa, studio, and more.

Use wedge cushions to extend the height and cut adjustable routine with a single lever.

Options include standard soft-touch upholstery, which can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected without any damage to the color or ish niche or ultra-leather, which is highly stable, invisible, and durable material that dissipates heat and mimics the feeling of real skin; Frame color; Wedge cushions.

Pisces Productions Portable Bench, DOLPHIN STRETCH


  • Use for therapy, spine length, spine traction, stretch, meditation, and weight lifting
  • Durable, powder-coated, chip-resistant aluminum frame
  • The stationary base provides superior strength and durability
  • Adjustable for multiple locations and uses
  • Lightweight and portable

Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair

Everything you need in a great package! The Stronglight Ergo massage chair is seamlessly making to proper alignment and decisive comfort for you. These lightweight chairs will come in clients’ 4’6 “to 6’6” and carry a significant 600 pounds of work weight. The Ergo Pro II chair is the only massage chair on the market designed by the one-time chair “Father David Palmer”.


  • The durable semi-glossy silver aluminum frame holds a fixed weight of 1200 pounds;
  • Working00 pounds working weight
  • The removable knee is fixed for the client’s comfort and position
  • The telescoping foot adjusts for the height and comfort of the therapist
  • One-step combination for versatility and convenience
  • Seat comfortable clients from 4’6 “to 6’6”
  • Cleverly hidden pouch to store glasses and jewelry
  • An adjustable seat leg, leg, or anterior torso enables clients to reverse for work.
  • Available in 5 Nature Touch PU Upholstery Materials: Black, Royal Blue, Teal, Burgundy and Purple
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on furnishing and cushioning
  • Weight 24 lbs (chair only).

Uses and Features

A portable massage chair looks something like an ironing board with multiple personalities, but in truth, its purpose is singular–to provide an upright platform for a therapeutic massage. Professional masseuses and masseurs use them, along with chiropractors and other health professionals, when serving clients away from their offices or clinics. Portable massage chairs are light and easily handled, yet must be strong, versatile, and easy to set up. Many have convenience features like aromatherapy containers and pouches for client’s valuables and glasses that lend themselves to the overall massage experience. Accessories include carrying cases and sternum pads, and some offer instructional videos. Manufacturers like Earthlite, Stronglite, and Golden Ratio offer portable massage chairs for a few hundred dollars or less.

massage chair portable

Golden Ratio manufactures the Quicklite Massage Chair and the Sport Chair, which is 15% larger and is designed for larger clients and therapists. The Quicklite is advertised as the lightest portable chair, and at only 14 pounds, that’s probably true. Its frame is welded aluminum construction with powder-coated enamel, and the covered areas can be upholstered in Levante vinyl, Sta-Soft vinyl or Ultraleather in a total of 36 colors. The Quicklite has a 5-year structural guarantee. As light as it is, a carrying strap is provided in place of wheels. A travel bag is optional, as is a sternum pad, essential for pregnant or full-sized women.

Earthlite sells the Avila II packaged with a wheeled carrying case, sternum pad, and an instructional video. The Avila II is fully-adjustable for anyone up to a 350 pound adult, yet is one of the most compact portable massage chairs when folded away. With tight joint tolerances and secure locking system, the aerospace carbon fiber blended frame is stable and is covered by a Lifetime Warranty

Human Touch Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massage

A discount massage chair adds one more benefit to the list of benefits already associated with massage chairs–savings. The massage chair market has grown almost twenty-five percent in the past three years, yet it is an expense–sometimes a big expense–that would have to be called a luxury. Clearly, people are willing to buy but need a little inducement to purchase massage chairs. That fact has not been lost on manufacturers, retailers or online suppliers. Discount massage chairs are available from many popular massage chair brands.

The first enticement to buy a massage chair, though, is the health benefits. Users gain a sense of relaxation and a release from stress that contributes to mental well-being but is also a precursor to treating more serious problems. Muscles are more relaxed and flexible yet stimulated leading to better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And just plain feeling good is a rarity in the fast-paced world we now live in; making that a part of everyday life has benefits that can’t be measured.

Key Features of the extreme gaming chair

Still, massage chairs are not cheap with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. A good place to start looking for discount massage chairs is online where competition is global and very stiff. Dot-com suppliers commonly offer package prices including accessories and featured products with considerable discounts. Moreover, they often feature a wide variety of brands, like Premier, Sanyo, Popular, HoMedics, iJoy, and Human Touch, each with manufacturer discounts that suppliers are passing along. Another good place to look for discount massage chairs is at large retailers like Walmart, Sears, and Target which often stock products like massage chairs that are made exclusively for them and are offered at low-prices normally and discounted prices commonly.

When researching discount massage chairs, look for chairs suitable for your size with working components that emulate either or both of the Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques. Ensure that the massage functions include all the components of the massage methods. Many modern massage chairs are equipped to determine body size and pressure points automatically, a very desirable feature, and they can be programmed to suit your specific needs. And of course you should look for a chair that fits your decor–there are many styles and colors to choose from today–as well as for a good warranty. After all, long-term costs can be a lot greater than up-front savings on a discount massage chair.

Massage Chair Massagenius 988 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair

Enjoy true zero gravity relaxation with the Massagenius 988 Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair. It also delivers true relaxation with a combination of massage techniques and multi-posture reclining. Using revolutionary technology, the Massagenius 988 Zero Gravity massage chair gives you rolling, tapping and/or kneading deep-tissue “Shiatsu” massage. Each technique can be used simultaneously for the ultimate triple-function deep penetrating massage. A key feature that makes this Massagenius Massage Chair stand a “headrest above” other Reclining Massage Chair Loungers is its ability to tip back to a 180-degree, Zero-Gravity position, or fully recline to 190 degrees for maximum relaxation. Now you can sit in comfort and enjoy a great massage.

Massage Chair Portable Discount Massage Recliner Chair

Finally there’s an electric portable massage recliner you can take with you anywhere. The Massagenius Folding Electric Massage Recliner adjusts to many positions, even lying flat. This portable Massage therapy Chair offers both rolling and vibration massage at variable speeds. Now you can sit in comfort and enjoy a great massage.

Massage Chair Panasonic EP3222 Real Pro Elite Massage Recliner Chair Warm Grey

Body scan technology for a personalized massage and a full body air massage system is the newest Panasonic innovation in the world of intelligent, electric massage chairs. The newest Panasonic innovation in the world of intelligent, electric massage chairs, the Panasonic Real Pro EP3222 Elite Massage Recliner is the first massage chair to be approved by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The ACA found that Panasonic massage chairs provide outstanding deep-tissue relief, which can temporarily relax tense muscles, offering an ideal complement to chiropractic manipulation.

Massage Chair HoMedics AntiGravity Heated Recliner

Feel the warmth of soothing heat as ten powerful massage motors dissolve tension in your shoulders, back, thighs and legs. Random pulses travel down your back and thighs. Bursts of massaging pulses radiate out from your spine. How good would it feel to have a massage anytime right in your own home? The HoMedics anti-gravity massage recliner uses the power of massage and the benefits of defying gravity to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and reduce pressure on the heart and spine. The anti-gravity massaging recliner will quickly help you feel more relaxed and invigorated, ready to take on the rest of your day.

Massage Chair HoMedics AntiGravity Heated Recliner

Premier chair models, like the Premier PHP2022, PHP2023, PHP2026, and the Premier PHP2027–sold exclusively at Relax The Back and top-of-the-line at about $3500–vary in dimensions (an important consideration for larger users), massage intensity, massage range, session programs, and other features including optional leather upholstery, but individual models may offer certain features others do not, regardless of price. The Premier PHP2022 incorporates so-called anti-gravity technology which extends its recline angle to 190 degrees, among other things, but does not include heating elements and vibration like other models. The PHP2027, in addition to most other features, is equipped with air massage. Vibration is standard in the PHP2023 in the footrest where it is not found in other models. And warranties may differ between models, as well. Prices range from a little over $2000 to $3500.

Prospective buyers of Premier massage chairs should be aware that, as with all Shiatsu massage chairs, initial sessions may cause soreness or even headaches since the Shiatsu method involves deep massage including compression and percussion movements. Start out slow and easy, that’s the best advice, and you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of a Shiatsu massage in a Premier massage chair soon enough. Ahhhhhh…

Premier Massage Chair Comes in at the Top

The Premier massage chair is part of the entourage for the best massage chairs on the market; some feel it is the best. Premier massage chairs are produced in the orient by Premier Health Products. Looking at most Premier models, one gets the feeling that their designers started with the image of a guy in his den with a TV remote in his hand. The gals won’t mind though, especially when they see Premier chairs in optional colors.

Massage chairs made by Premier offer numerous health benefits. Users gain a sense of relaxation and a release from stress that contributes to mental well-being but is also a precursor to treating more serious problems. Muscle tension is reduced and relaxed yet muscles are stimulated leading to better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And in such a hurried world, Premier chairs remove you from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and make relaxation and rejuvenation part of your everyday life, too.

Every massage chair attempts to mimic the trained hands of massage therapists and most emulate either or both of two massage techniques, the Shiatsu method, a deeper massage sometimes referred to as ‘accupressure’, and the Swedish massage, a gentler technique involving long flowing strokes. Premier presents itself as following the Shiatsu method but draws from both depending on the model.

Massage Chair HoMedics AntiGravity Heated Recliner

A vending massage chair is the only massage chair that will ever give you your money’s worth. Well, unless you think relaxation, stress reduction, better circulation, flexible muscles and less painful joints are worth something–oh, and a sense of well-being. A massage chair will give you all those things, but how many of them will pay for themselves and help your cash flow, huh?

Vending massage chairs are nothing new. In fact, the first massage chairs were generally found in commercial establishments and, overseas, in bathhouses. They were a far cry from today’s models though, somewhat akin to paying 25 cents to sit on a tuning fork. Current models combine vibration and a modified Shiatsu massage emulating kneading, tapping and rolling for a very relaxing and satisfying experience. Since Shiatsu massage traditionally includes compression and percussion movements that can cause soreness or headaches, those components of the massage are generally not integrated into the workings of a commercial model.


Vending massage chairs are usually found in commercial establishments like hotels and motels, car washes, shopping malls, beauty salons, casinos, airports and train stations and anywhere busy people have a few moments to wait or need to relax. Commercial massage chairs manufactured by companies like Premier Health Products (Model PHP2015), Popular Massage Chairs (Model PL-868), and Impala (Vending Model) sell for between $1900 and $2700, and multiple orders may be discounted, depending on the dealer. Warranties are rare on commercial massage chairs but may be offered by the dealer, as well.

Vending massage chairs generally accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills and will hold up to 1000 bills in a secure lock-box often outfitted with alarms. Massage sessions can be set by the owner per dollar–most are preset for 3 minutes but can be set for up to 99 minutes, and many have automatic safety shut-off. Some chairs beep or play a message when someone is sitting in the chair but has not paid, and some have messages thanking the customer when the chair shuts off. It’s important to check the dimensions of the chair, particularly the width, and the weight capacity. Most are upholstered in a durable material like naughahyde and have a boxier look than home-use massage chairs to accommodate the money box and controls. Still, that doesn’t mean they are obtrusive in design or appearance–think Captain Kirk’s Barber Shop.

Human Touch Massage Chair

Human Touch massage chairs offer a wide range of standard features and prices in a look that might be described as ‘office’ and in some models as ‘limousine’. They’d be very much at home in your home, though, and have the reviews and respect of the industry to prove it.

If you’re looking for a great value in a massage chair, you’ll find this in the Human Touch product line.



High-end chairs, and we’re talking several thousand dollars here, often sport elegant designs and luxurious fabrics or leather, neither of which have anything to do with a massage. Lesser-priced models often place emphasis on functional components over appearance, although they’re no slouches in that department either.

Human Touch Massage Chair

The iJoy series is an affordable line of massage chairs introduced in 2003 coupled with Interactive’s Human Touch Technology®, a patented massage featured in other of Interactive’s product lines and endorsed by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

The iJoy series of massage chairs is absolutely perfect for those of you on a budget, and you can find a wide range of chairs available in the $500 to $900 price range.


Most important in choosing the best massage chair is choosing the best for you. Chairs come in various dimensions; if you’re big, you need a big chair. If you haven’t much room though, you might need to scale down on components like footrests and leg massagers. Most chairs today incorporate either or both of two massage techniques, Shiatsu and Swedish, with an emphasis on Shiatsu. But Shiatsu is a deep muscle massage that can cause soreness and headaches, especially when first beginning or when overdone, so you will want to choose a chair that either scales down on the more intense aspects of the technique, as HoMedics does, or has sufficient adjustments for the intensity of the massage. Those with injuries or other compromising conditions might want to avoid a Shiatsu chair altogether. And appearance does count–you wouldn’t want to put a bus seat in your living room, and some massage chairs do resemble such designs

Human Touch Massage Chair

Sanyo massage chair models are forever upgrading and, manufactured by Sanyo North America Corporation, are considered among the best on the market. They’re certainly not particularly inexpensive, but their looks match their cost. Sanyo massage chairs have the appearance of an airline VIP lounge or first class accommodation. Once you’ve sat in one, though, you won’t feel the need to go anywhere.


Cost may not determine the best massage chair with regard to features and quality, but it does determine which is best for your wallet. iJoy massage chairs from Interactive Health offer surprising features for only a few hundred dollars, but if you’ve got to have it, well. . . the Sanyo DR-3000 goes for about $5000.

In truth, no defining reviews or ratings are as yet released for massage chairs, and in their absence, you’ll see many online companies touting their own brands as the best. The only ‘best’ where massage chairs are concerned is the ‘best’ advice: do a lot of research on massage techniques and how they are incorporated into massage chairs as ‘robotic massages’, then decide on what you really need and can afford. In the end, you’ll buy the best massage chair. . . for you. You could always book a massage escort in London to go with the massage chair!