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How to Buy Best Mattresses for Fat People in 2021

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Are you buying a mattress with a limited budget? Read our complete guide to get the best mattresses for fat people for your money.

Regardless of a person’s size, everyone needs the best possible night’s sleep. Larger people face specific sleep problems. Overweight organs can lead to a number of problems that can interfere with sleep. With 65% of Americans today considered overweight, it makes sense that those who are overweight are looking for a way to sleep better. One thing to remember is that the heaviest person may need a specific type of bed with the best mattresses for fat people.

mattresses for fat people

Sleep Problems for Heavy People

Disturbed breathing

Being heavy can cause a disruption in breathing that can lead to snoring and sleep apnea. Excess fat restricts the airway in the throat. This can cause the airways to collapse and disrupt breathing. For those with mild problems, fat causes snoring. Sleep apnea can lead to more serious problems. Sleep apnea means that the person has problems absorbing carbon dioxide. This means that they don’t breathe as they should, as breathing stops and restarts throughout the night and into the waking hours.

Restless legs

Leg restlessness is a syndrome that creates discomfort in the legs when lying down, the only relief for the individual is to constantly move the legs. Research has indicated that the dopamine released by the brain in an overweight person is involved, but it is not clear why.

Sleeping Positions for Heavy People


In the ramp position, the heavy person is lying on his or her stomach, but the entire bed is tilted up at the headboard. Surgeons have found that heavier patients breathe better in this position, with the head tilted upward at a 25% angle to the feet. Oxygen can be increased by 23%. Raise the entire head of the bed to create a ramp-like surface for sleeping. To do this, simply wedge the legs of the headboard about 10 cm with wooden blocks.


Another way to keep your head up and air circulating for better sleep for heavier people is to sleep on your back in a prone position. This can be done by using a special chaise longue as a bed or by having an adjustable base that allows the head to be raised as in a recliner.


It has been determined that sleeping on your side is healthier for breathing when heavy people sleep. Researchers have determined that overweight people may have more problems with sleep apnea when lying on their back than when sleeping on their side. The upper airway is less likely to collapse when they lie on their side, making it easier to sleep.

mattresses for fat people4

Tips for Heavy Sleepers

Positional therapy will help people with obstructive sleep apnea. It involves sleeping on your back and tucking your tongue down your throat to prevent air circulation. Professional therapists work with patients to train them to sleep on their sides. The bumper belt is an excellent tool for positional therapy. The bumpers are placed on the back of the belt and allow the person to sleep on their side.

An adjustable air mattress for heavy person is a wonderful option for the heavy person to gain comfort when sleeping. This may be the best bed frame for a heavy person, as it functions as a recliner for optimum comfort. The frame allows the head and knees to be raised so that the heavy person can maintain a comfortable position to sleep through the night. A memory foam mattress is an excellent complement for the adjustable base as it is easily foldable.

The addition of a combination of angled and contoured positioning pillows, known as wedging ramps, can raise the head and increase comfort by raising the knees. Pillows work together as well as separately to create a customized comfort platform for sleeping.

FAQ on Sleep for Heavy People

Does being heavy affect the quality of sleep?
Obviously, this answer depends on how the person’s weight is determined. People who are very obese will be more uncomfortable because they will have difficulty moving around in bed and will have problems with airway obstruction when they lie down.
Does an overweight person need a special box spring?
Heavy people must make sure that the bed they sleep on is not on a delicate base that could break simply by moving around in the bed. Just as a heavier person will need a stronger chair, he or she needs a very strong footboard that can support a few extra pounds. A strong bed frame will be sure to have a support beam in the center for beds larger than a twin size. Reinforced metal frames are sure to be able to support heavier people.
What is the best mattress for heavy people?
Heavy people need optimal support in a mattress that can support the extra weight. It is important to buy a quality mattress made from layers with a total thickness of at least 10 inches. Make sure you have a bed with deep compression support that will be able to support the extra weight. Also, make sure that the mattress is well supported by an edge that does not collapse when sitting on it. If a heavy person tends to sleep warmer than necessary, it is preferable to choose a bed that allows good ventilation.

Ghost Beds: Criticisms of Heavy Sleepers

Looking for the best mattress for heavy people should be a priority when driving to get the best possible sleep. Not only can being taller lead to health problems, but not sleeping properly can also lead to even greater weight gain.

The GhostBed is an ideal mattress for overweight clients who are reviewing their experience

The best mattresses for couples and children

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Top 15 Best Mattresses For Heavy And Overweight Sleepers

Locating a mattress is a challenge. It’s more difficult if you have a larger than average physique. If You are an individual who is heavier, many models cannot provide you with the support, support and stability you deserve and need.

A mattress that is perfect for softer users who do the work of someone who is heavier. Many mattress companies invent their merchandise with the demands of men and women who are heavy in mind. When searching for a new mattress, users should be careful. The user should note the essential design and functionality elements that a mattress must have to offer you the best experience for sleepers.

Are there High Tolerance Mattresses For Fat People That Are Really High Quality And Comfortable?

Are there any high tolerance mattresses for obese people that are really high quality and comfortable?

While it’s true that you can’t analyze the mattress before you buy it, some retailers offer a trial run using a money back guarantee, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your products. For heavy sleepers, this chance guarantees that the mattress is a match before consumers commit it.

It really is a fact that you can locate a weight tolerance mattress with relaxation. Before deciding on a version, consider these things to enjoy a sleep.

Edge support encourages weight limit: Edge support is also an important facet for heavier sleepers. Some people use their mattress while sitting during the day, having a mattress with inviting edges is expensive.

The strong edges prevent overeating, allowing sleepers to stay in one posture and break. Innerspring or hybrid styles provide edge support.

Thickness encourages weight tolerance: While a reasonably thin mattress is often sufficient for children and softer sleepers, for thicker people it is far better to get something thicker; typically, 25 cm or cm. A mattress provides balanced compression support, a supported body allowing a user to be held by a function.

The moderate or professional mattress works best for load bearing: for thicker sleepers, it is essential to consider the level of total stability. It is best to choose a mattress, often on a scale of 6 to 7 on a stability scale. To recognize the best stability, take your own weight.

If you weigh more than 200 pounds, you may feel an extra 2 inches of sinking when using the mattress, although this can change depending on the sleeper and the mattress layout. The heavier you are, the more sinking you will feel.

Benefits of Having a High Quality Mattress with Maximum Weight Tolerance

Getting a weight-tolerant mattress can bring many benefits you can’t imagine. Here’s an overview.

Healthy, restful sleep: getting a mattress that is well suited for heavy sleepers ends in a wonderful sleep encounter every night. You wake up well-rested, sharp and prepared. Waking up with aches and pains is something that could destroy your day and lead to complications.

Motion Isolation: tossing and turning an ill-fitting mattress can wake up anyone resting on the opposite side. Motion isolation is essential when creating a mattress for heavier sleepers. In case you choose to purchase a mattress, make sure it carries it. The motion isolation that was fantastic is achieved with a memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses are much softer and therefore are known to be responsible.

Medically proven for anxiety relief: a mattress with superior weight tolerance offers comfort to customers with chronic back problems. Locate a mattress to maintain something that helps relieve pain, spine aligned while sleeping. The heavier you are, the thicker your mattress should be. Retailers may offer a trial period during which you can return the mattress for a refund if you’re not thrilled. Before you buy, try it out.

What Are The Features To Consider When Buying Mattresses For Overweight Sleepers?

Heavy sleepers have needs as it relates to locating the mattress. When many of the features of a mattress are geared toward customers of all sizes, there are important things to consider for sleepers who are heavier or larger than normal.

Material and Construction

A memory foam mattress is an excellent option for sleepers using its collection of assembly styles and materials, it is sometimes gentle to a cooling arrangement as well as good with business and temperature regulation.

With the assistance and models, an innerspring mattress is a choice for sleepers creating help, which causes soreness, stiffness and pain in the long run.

If you choose an innerspring mattress, buying one with a pocket construction is your safest bet. The resiliency gives you support, better texture and a great night’s sleep. A bonus point of the mattress is the support benefit for people who sleep or sit near the border.

Combining foam and innerspring, hybrid mattresses are perfect for sleepers offering temperature regulation of airflow within the amps and advantageous support and bounce in foam.

The degree of hardness of a mattress is determined by the type of sleeper you have. Take a look at any mattress stability manual to help you identify firmness. Most heavy sleepers desire and prefer a mattress on the medium to medium firm side (i.e. 4-7 on the stability scale, 10 is the firmest).

While considering stability, consider your own weight and texture: the heavier you are, the more different and deeper the encounter. Sleepers associate the sinking atmosphere with softness. As a rule of thumb, if you weigh more than 250 pounds, you’ll encounter 1 to 5 cm of additional drop feel (changes around the marks and body contour).

Comfort and Ergonomics

Known to provide affordable help, a fat-tolerant memory foam mattress alleviates pressure points, making it ideal for sleepers with joint or spinal pain. Innerspring mattresses created for side and back sleepers who are heavy include reinforcements to ensure the mattress is ergonomic and comfortable. A sensation that relieves these stress points and provides a sleep experience is offered by the foam on top. When leaning over, your body should remain flat and constantly in contact with the mattress, distributing your body weight to relieve anxiety.

This helps maintain position and ensures that your spine in order for your neck, shoulder blades, bottom, middle or spine are well supported to stay. Extra space between your body and the mattress can decrease support and lead to joint pain. Occurring with sleepers, sleep breathability can cause users to sweat and wake up repeatedly during the night; this can become uncomfortable and lead to insomnia and sleep.

The heavier a table is, the larger its volume and the more heat is created; therefore, larger users encounter breathability. It is crucial for thicker sleepers to opt for a breathable mattress to ensure a fashionable sleep. Foam mattress technologies with gel layers and construction solve this problem.

Weight tolerance and warranty

There is no shelf life for any mattress; use depends on it. Change to a brand new one if you feel relaxed. To maintain spine and posture, mattresses should be replaced within 8 to 10 decades of use.

To calculate the weight tolerance, discover how many people could use the mattress, how much weight they have and how much weight can be concentrated on it. It is important that you understand this before you shop, which means you decide on the model that is rated for that weight.

Mattresses guarantee years of warranty coverage when purchased from dealers; the warranty period varies by brand and model. Any problem is resolved/replaced by the company at no cost.We have written about the best mattress manufacturers for your own convenience.

1. Leesa Mattress, Avena Cooling, and Memory Foam Mattress

Get elastic weight tolerance using Leesa 10 inch Cooling Avena and Contouring memory foam mattress!

The flagship 25 cm leesa King mattress is also a three-layer construction that is a supportive layout, depending on the materials, it offers a stress relieving and supportive feel at the back.

Leesa Mattress, Avena Cooling, and Memory Foam Mattress

Sub Title

  • Weighing 44 kg. And measuring 203 cm x 25 cm, the luxurious 25 cm
  • Weighing 44 kg. And measuring 203 cm x 25 cm, the luxurious 25 cm
  • The middle layer has a 5 cm memory foam contour in your system

Material and construction

Weighing 44 kg. And measuring 203 cm x 25 cm, the luxurious 25 cm Leesa King mattress is designed to make sense for heavier sleepers. Leesa includes 3 layers of foam to give real texture, sink and bounce.

The cover has a feel and is soft. The comfortable cover consists of 5 perforated Avena foam using a reaction to offer stability to stress, coolness, hugging, and bounce.
The middle layer has a 5 cm memory foam contour in your system, allowing the bolsters to flow to relieve stress.

The base or support layer of 15 cm includes polyethylene foam offering support and resistance to the sleeper as well as the comfort layers. This cover acts as a base by keeping the shape of the mattress and giving it durability.

Comfort and ergonomics

Leesa is designed to create a sensual and attractive look with its breathable lycra/cotton cover offering comfort.

3 layers of foam provide warming rebound pressure relief and essential support each night.

Avena includes cooling properties and is blended with perforations in a high cover and a convoluted floor layout (eggshell) regulates temperature.

The memory foam reshapes the body and allows sleepers to sink into it and works as a shield against overheating. Its placement under the comfort layer provides stress relief benefits.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Weight tolerance and guarantee

Leesa provides a guarantee of strength by being made in the United States and by publishing a consumer review in America. Leesa Requires one particular mattress at homeless shelters for every 10 items offered.

The weight tolerance is great. For a 6-inch person, it sinks satisfactorily but provides good body/back support.

Leesa includes a warranty that covers defects if the mattress softens, sags, or forms indentations larger than 3 cm. The mattress has been tested and could last up to 20 decades. Return it or the company has extended its testing interval to create a determination.


  • Avena memory foam construction + 3 layers
  • Weight tolerance greater than 113 kg.
  • 100-night trial
  • 10 year warranty


  • Can feel a floating sensation in case you are light

2. Sleep Master ICoil Euro Top Spring Mattress

Avoid back pain with the Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top 33 cm innerspring mattress and BiFold box spring set, king size bed .The Zinus Sleep Master iCoil 33 cm Queen Euro innerspring mattress and box spring collection can not only help you sleep, but also improve the shape of your spine.

Material and Construction

The sleeping option includes a 33 cm Euro Deluxe Sleep Master iCoil box spring and a box spring. The mattress has hundreds of iCoils offering support while isolating movement for consistent sleep.

Measuring 152 cm x 203 cm x 33 cm and weighing 479 kg., Sleep Master includes a Jacquard knit cover, followed closely by a quilted microfiber fabric, as well as the following layers of 4 cm relaxation foam, 8 cm relaxation memory foam, 1 cm high density foam, 19 cm iCoil pocket springs.

The folding spring base can be placed on the floor with a mattress on top, the elevation is conducive to individuals and children. It is simple to set up areas. Slide it, no meeting is essential, just open the box and unfold it, and it will take the shape of the box spring.

The technology makes it roll up to be compressed and shipped to your door in a box quickly. The biFold box spring includes a fabric cover and a steel frame. The folding mattress base compresses for storage and portability.

Sleep Master ICoil Euro

2. Sleep Master ICoil Euro Top Spring Mattress

Top Spring Mattress

  • The sleeping option includes a 33 cm Euro Deluxe Sleep Master iCoil box spring and a box spring
  • Measuring 152 cm x 203 cm x 33 cm and weighing 479 kg
  • The folding mattress base compresses for storage and portability.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Sleep Master mattress includes pressure-relieving memory foam covers, iCoil springs for continuous support and the foam is iPUR-US certified for material, functionality and endurance.

For side sleepers with spinal issues in injuries and back, the Queen mattress can prevent constant tossing and turning. This mattress is comfortable and cool.

In case you have chronic pain, this mattress is denser yet cushy, which means you won’t want to go in a hammock; and won’t sink in the middle.

Its movement won’t influence/affect your own side if your partner wakes you up by getting up or moving. It will not make you sweat.

Weight tolerance and guarantee

The Zinus Sleep Master mattress offers a collection of foldable, worry-free box springs. The warranty is limited. A 33 cm mattress can support over 272 kg. Of weight, excluding the weight of the mattress.
No indentations, no creases, no sagging; Sleep Master is the epitome of durability, so it’s stronger than it looks and the thick steel allows for durability


  • 33 cm mattress, box spring collection
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • 10 year warranty


  • Limited border support

3. The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

Get maximum breathability with The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress!

The Purple Queen Bed mattress relieves stress and improves spinal alignment. These offer you a sleep experience for the comfort and recovery your body needs after a very long time.

Material and Construction

The purple bed mattress includes 5 cm Hyper-Elastic ™ plastic, a cover named 9 cm HD relaxation foam, purple, 10 cm high support foam. It weighs 52 kg. . The Hyper-Elastic Polymer ™ which is patented is FDA certified for use, with the CertiPUR-US program accredited the foam, so that the substances are non-toxic and safe for everyone

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

3. The Purple Bed - Queen Size Mattress

  • includes 5 cm Hyper-Elastic ™ plastic, a cover named 9 cm HD relaxation foam, purple, 10 cm high support foam. It weighs 52 kg
  • The Hyper-Elastic Polymer ™ which is patented is FDA certified for use

Comfort and ergonomics

Purple Innovations created this mattress using technology that was first and foremost and sleep science to create motion isolation so you won’t feel the sleep and motion disturbances of others sleeping next to 40, equalizing body weight pressure.

Free Air Flow technologies using breathable stations counterbalance temperatures and do not retain heat like memory foam/latex. For the back, it gives curve for the crossbars that are in the back, and along the spine, there is a preserved line also for the side crossbars.

Antimicrobial without artificial germicides, the substances used protect you from dust mites and pollutants.

The sleep invention panel is laid out in purple using two layers of CertiPUR-US ® certified foam and a grid arrangement that creates walls that bend or support, depending on the amount of pressure.

Weight tolerance and warranty

Purple is temperature neutral created from non-toxic food grade substances. It feels and looks and there are body indentations as fresh as ever.



  • May seem difficult if hips or shoulders need more assistance

4. Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Cloud Hybrid

Get an extremely comfortable sleep and rest with the memory foam mattress (king size) – Perfect Cloud Hybrid 28 cm – NEW

2018 MODEL!

The Perfect Cloud 28 Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress Extra Large Bed is designed with sleep in mind. The 2018 model uses pioneering technologies to give you the touch of memory foam using the balance of an innerspring mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Cloud Hybrid

Sub Title

  • The layers are 6 cm cushioned memory foam, 3 cm cuddly memory foam, 14 cm coils with foam backing]
  • The 28 Perfect Cloud mattress includes a texture with a rating of 6
  • The dimensions are 203 cmx weight and 28 cm is 484 kg.

It is created without substances that deplete the ozone layer, flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It offers improved air quality and VOCs

Comfort and ergonomics

The mattress does not feel sexy, the hybrid mattress includes technology. Two types of body heat evacuation leaving users dry and cool. It’s a blend of firmness and softness in all the right places.

Get a sleep experience of layers of different foam densities balanced by pocket springs for the softness and support you need.

Weight tolerance and guarantee

As it offers the durability of springs, the durability is given by Perfect Cloud. The lid is removable for trouble-free maintenance. Remove it and moisturize it, and keep it fresh for centuries. It can handle a weight of about 500 pounds and more.

Buy with confidence, as it is designed in the USA and approved by warranty. This is a 30-day trial. Exchanges and returns are handled according to Amazon’s return policy.


  • Premium knit cover, 28 cm hybrid mattress
  • 10 year warranty, secure purchase
  • Mattress designed in the USA


  • Very firm if you are looking for something softer
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