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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Nail Art Images.

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Am I too old to start nail art?

Unless you live in a cave away from society and the media, you know that when it comes to makeup, the current trend is nail art. Putting on nail polish yes, I want to, but from there to make drawings with it…

At first I was curious, dubious … And then I was tempted. So, I sinned by being too superficial.

But when you are 30 years old (or almost), is it reasonable to devote yourself to nail art?

For a long time for me manicure was synonymous with “bitchy nails”. The flat nails with French manicure very vulgar, in short, the kind of fantasy that had its place only in the Playboy Mansion and on the heroines of porn movies.

And then some time ago, I began to see appearing on the nails of celebrities surprising colors, geometric patterns, small funny drawings …

But as we all know, celebrities live in a world of fantasy where they can allow themselves anything without having to face the consequences. When your name is Britney Spears, you can shave your head on a whim and have hair down to your kidneys 3 months later… And in the same way, if your name is Katy Perry, you can post pictures of your keum on each of your fingernails and everyone will find it normal.

But I live in the real world. The one where you have to get up in the morning to go to the office and shake hands, if possible without scratching them with your crooked manicure.

Pamela Anderson is a very distinguished person. And she’s also the undisputed queen of bitchy nails.

So I had some preconceived notions about nail art when I first discovered it. Then, a few months ago, I came across the blog of Pshiiit, a “nailista” who changed my vision of things. With a few stylish photos and a handful of clear explanations, she managed to make me believe that this new trend was actually within reach.

Today, the nail art craze has spread all over the web, from blog to blog. By dint of seeing the “creations” of some and others, I was weak, I let myself be dragged, in short, I decided to launch myself.

So here is the story of my first nail art experience. I warn you right away, you won’t see any pictures of my beautiful manicure in the rest of this article. I may assume a lot of things on this blog, but I still have some self-esteem (yes, I do).

I would have liked to be a (nail) artist

Paint pot
And here we go!

As a good blogger / researcher / fashion victim / stuntwoman, I set out to write this article.

Taking my courage and my polish collection in both hands, I decided to go for a winter nail art: a bright red manicure with just a thin golden thread on the tip of the nail. Something simple and elegant.

I work without a mesh, ladies and gentlemen, so I want to make it clear that this experiment was done without any tricks and freehand! (if I could afford a brass band, a drum roll would follow this statement)

Basically, I’m not a beauty addict, I don’t wear much makeup, however, I’m a neat person, I like things well done. When I put on nail polish, a little coquetry that I allow myself regularly, I apply myself. It’s out of the question to go out with a chipped or badly applied varnish.

Before, I was good with my hands. But that was before.

I’m usually quite dexterous, but when it’s time to do it, I shake so much that I could be diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease.

Well, to varnish my left hand, it’s more or less okay. I try to control my wrist by resolutely sticking out my tongue and frowning, a method that seems to be effective because I go over and over my little nails and in the end I get a more or less homogeneous result for my base coat. Except that after that, I have to switch to my right hand. Ouch.

The Russell Brand manicure: difficult to assume

I used to be good with my hands. But that was before.

I’m usually quite dexterous, but when it’s time to act, I’m so shaky that I could be diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease.

Well, to varnish my left hand, it’s more or less okay. I try to control my wrist by resolutely sticking out my tongue and frowning, a method that seems to be effective because I go over and over my little nails and in the end I get a more or less homogeneous result for my base coat. Except that after that, I have to switch to my right hand. Ouch.

Yves Saint Laurent ad
Uh… I think I went a little overboard here…

I never really understood why human beings have two hands. As much as the right hand, I can see its usefulness: it’s with it that I write, it’s with it that I comb my hair, it’s with it that I use for all those little everyday things. On the other hand, the left hand remains a mystery to me… Apart from helping me carry the groceries and press the shift key on the keyboard, IT DOESN’T DO MUCH FOR ME… (OK, WE UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, YOU CAN LET GO NOW).

So go and ask that under-qualified left hand, just like that, to do some extremely delicate, high-precision work… It’s a bit like asking SpongeBob to work on atomic fission.

Time for the finishing touches

At first, the gold trim seemed like a good idea.
In the end, I ended up with a mushy, shapeless thing on the tips of my nails. I think I’m going to have to avoid using my hands for, say, the next 8 days, or else that nasty stuff will stick somewhere.

Summary of the experience

Mistake number one: don’t use bad quality polish…
What can I say, I don’t like to waste. I tend to save the products I like, so for my first attempt at nail art, I didn’t feel like wasting hard-earned color. So I decided to use cheapskate nail polish bought at the market for 3 francs 6 pennies, all combined with Methuselah-era bottle bottoms. Bad plan! The varnish spread like pâté Hénaff: a thick, uneven, rough layer that took 3 hours to dry.

Error number two: I wanted to start writing this article while my varnish was drying. That’s how my keyboard ended up with shimmering colors too. Mind you, I killed two birds with one stone: my nails are painted AND I have a custom keyboard to match. In just one evening, I’ve mastered the two major trends of the moment: nail art and DIY (so strong!).
I’m not sure that the man will see things the same way when he wants to use the PC.

The expert’s opinion

Just as I was finishing my experiment, the Man came by. And just as well, he is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of feminine elegance. The problem is that the Man handles the art of the compliment like Chuck Noris handles the art of flower arranging and when he saw me sitting idly in the bathroom, he looked at my fresh manicure-work of art, rolled his eyes and exclaimed “rhoooo la la!!! It’s so cool”, followed by a giggle that I won’t even try to interpret.

Well, after that, it got worse.

But I’ll skip the part where he looked at his sink and raised an accusing index finger at this collateral damage of my evening’s experience, now a sort of neo-Jackson Pollock.

The Case of Kawai or Poop-Way

First of all, I would like to apologize for this more than dubious pun. Yes, I am ashamed.

Zoe Deschanel and her cute nail art
Zoe Deschanel, Actress / Singer / Specialist in kawaii nail art

Kawai means “cute” in Japanese. In terms of nail art, it means the use of glitter, rhinestones or small drawings like Hello Kitty head or Christmas tree. A few months ago I would have told you categorically that it was completely corny. And then finally after having been brainwashed by numerous photos on nailistas’ blogs, I would say a very cautious “why not” tempered with a “yes, but then only on nail accents” (= on one nail only) and on the others you’ll have to keep a low profile to compensate. Because, let’s face it, unless you work in the beauty or fashion industry, it’s hard to be taken seriously when you have flowers or birds painted on your fingertips. There are many examples of delicate situations: in a department meeting, when canvassing a client, for a dinner with the in-laws… It is better to prevent than to assume.

As for me, I already work in an environment where the slightest touch of fantasy or innovation is seen as highly subversive and dangerous, so I tell myself that it’s not worth adding to it, at the risk of attracting mockery and ridicule from my colleagues.

And I’m sorry, but Hello Kitty at 30 (or almost) should be totally forgotten (on the nails anyway). Teenagers can afford everything, but at a certain age you have to know how to measure your nail fantasy. It’s better to aim for a “classy” manicure, with a touch of originality if you don’t want to be accused of being silly…

Nail Art Boutique, your online nail art store!

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Nail art techniques
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Nail polish

It lasts about a week and is easy to remove thanks to the nail polish remover.

It is possible to redo a manicure immediately.

Semi-permanent nail polish and UV gel have the advantage of being long-lasting and shock-resistant for up to three weeks, with a glossy finish.

Gel or semi-permanent varnish

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Resin nail art is a little more difficult because it requires a little practice before starting and some nail art tools to be able to do a perfect acrylic resin application. We offer you all the resin powders for your construction and for your color application, all the necessary tools to create and shape your nails with the chablon or the capsules and
Finally, liquids such as monomer and primer are essential for your resin application.

Accessory and Decoration
Your hands deserve a unique nail decoration.
For that a multitude of different techniques adapted to your level exist to decorate your hands once your nail application is finished.


This is the best known and simplest technique, for which you will need stamping plates, special stamping varnish, stamping pads and nail polish remover. In a few minutes you have perfectly regular and fine nail designs without any effort of imagination on your part.

Drawing and nail decoration

Without any difficulty you can apply stickers, water decals, rhinestones, mini beads, half pearls, studs and many more.

If you feel comfortable with freehand drawing, don’t hesitate to create your own design with the Nail art brushes or
or liner polishes.

Some tips:

  • To make shapes, use small adhesive stencils (drugstore tape often works very well. Be careful, it must be placed on a dry varnish, and remove the adhesive quickly after applying the second varnish.
  • You can buy V-shaped or rounded scotch tape everywhere. Be careful, they are often very sticky and can tear off the nail polish (if they leave traces of adhesive it will disappear by applying a top coat).

If you want to do nail art there, it’s 2€/nail normally – and 1€ if you come from me 🙂 (and the normal nail polish application 5€ for both hands).

P.S : I take this opportunity to give a big up to Paulette (whose pretty magazine I used as a prop for these pictures), you have to support them so that the magazine comes out in newsstands go !

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