George Foreman GRP4842P 2-in-1 Evolve Grill

If you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor grill that fits your budget then our top recommendation would be The George Foreman GGR50B cool coocking.

However, if you’re a little flexible with the budget and need a more powerful grill then George Foreman GRP4842P 2-in-1 Evolve Grill priced at $119 would be our top pick.

Best Outdoor Grill as cool coocking.

If you’re looking for an Indoor/Outdoor grill cool new tools that is easy to use and looks great while the guests are over then the GGR50B is a great choice.

It is an electric grill so you can easily change the temperature as per your requirement.

Notable features

The grill comes with a pedestal and thus makes it suitable for outdoor use. A few of its notable features are the 240 square inches of grilling space, adjustable electric range, non-stick surface, and Foreman’s fat and grease draining system that is exclusive to the George Foreman product line.

The George Foreman GGR50B

Pros and Cons


1. Quick Heat up

You’re ready to cook within minutes of switching on the grill.

2. Easy to clean

The cool new tools grill is pretty easy to clean and there are no tricky spaces where food can stick to.

3. Cheap

Comparatively, it is one of the best grills you can get under $100. Though there are other grills that offer a lot more features but you can easily expect to pay upwards of $250 for them

4. No fuss with Charcoal or Gas

Since it is an electric grill, you do not have to worry about running out of gas or replacing charcoal every now and then. It also keeps it pretty clean while use and is a lot more cost effective than the alternatives.


1. Fat Draining Requires repetitive cleaning.

2. Since it is an electric grill, you cannot expect it to be as hot as a charcoal grill. This might not be a biggie for a lot of people but you’ll have to make this trade-off for the upsides of an electric grill.

Best Indoor/Kitchen Grill
George Foreman GRP4842P 2-in-1 Evolve Grill, Platinum

A great option if you’re need a quality grill for your kitchen. The George Foreman GRP4842P is one of the top rated contact grills on Amazon and for all the right reasons.

The 2-in-1 grill unique hand tools offers you the ability to use it for traditional grilling by placing the ceramic grill plates or turn it into a waffle maker with the waffle plate.

Notable features

Since it is an electric grill, it is really easy to use and there aren’t any cleaning hassles. You can vary the temperature from 300 to 450-degrees and with the searing option allows you to raise it up to 500-degrees.

The ceramic plates are more durable and easier to clean than conventional plates and do not wear out when exposed to super high temperatures.

The digital control panel of these new tools and gadgets makes for a very user friendly interface and there’s practically no learning curve.

You can set the grill to a tilt using the level at the back to either straighten the waffles or just get the excess juices and fat slide down.



  • Ceramic grill plates (They don’t recommend cooking spray)
  • Comes with waffle plates
  • Has a Sear option at 500 F
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Removable plates
  • Can make plates level so food don’t slide forward.
  • Easy clean up
  • Comparatively Expensive

LG LDG3036ST Gas Double Oven Range Review

 If you need a gas double range oven but can’t spend more than $2000, our top pick for you is the LG LDG3036ST Gas Double Oven Range vintage kitchen gadget. The thing we love most about this model is its price since it will cost you only $1,800. This gas range comes with a total of 5 burners, 2 ovens and loads of excellent features such as Easy Clean etc. Though during our tests we did find a few issues with the performance, it does make up for it with its low cost.

Layout and Benefits

The LG LDG3036ST vintage kitchen gadgetsupports a compact, angular look that is neither too modern nor too traditional and thus will fit well into any kind of kitchen.

The exterior is stainless while the interior in blue cobalt. The oven controls are situated on the backsplash while the dials for the gas are present in the front just above the two ovens.

Both the ovens come with LG’s Easy Clean feature. In case of a less amount of mess you can opt for steam cleaning and to clean up a bigger mess you can choose the heavy-duty pyrolitic self-clean option. The gas range also comes with Camel Case due to which the window of the oven turns to a wide view.



This rangetop cool hand tools has a total of 5 burners out of which 4 are standard burners while the middle one is a griddle burner. The griddle burner comes with a pan and can be used to cook eggs, pancakes etc.

The one thing that disappointed us a little was the performance of the burners. Only the front burner performed well and took only 4-5 minutes to boil 5-6 cups of water while the other burners needed 7-8 minutes to do the same which is quite a lot.

As for temperatures the burners disappointed us again. The maximum temperature for baking appliances we recorded was 390F while the lowest temperature we recorded was 132F.

Oven, Broiler and Convection

The LG LDG3036ST comes with a 6.1 cubic foot oven space out which the lower oven is 3.9 cubic foot while the upper oven is 2.2 cubic foot.

The lower oven performed slightly better than the upper oven. During our tests, the cookies and cakes we baked were inconsistent. The cakes were slightly burnt at the top and bottom while some of the cookies were raw and some overcooked.

The Broiler did perform well and took only 5 minutes to preheat while the ovens only needed 5 minutes to reach a temperature of 350F.


Yes there were issues with the performance of the rangetop and yes the performance of the oven could also be better but with a price of just $1800 the LG LDG3036ST gas double oven is still a pretty decent choice.

It may not be a perfect double oven but it still does a pretty decent job and will help you improve your cooking.

Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-Inch Induction Cooktop Review

If you are looking for a high end cooktop at a fairly reasonable cost then our top pick for you is the Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-inch induction cooktop. This cooktop checks all the required boxes i.e. flexibility, speed and power.

Like other induction cooktops this model too warms your pans and pots directly rather than from the surface of the cooktop to the cookware which makes it more secure and receptive and is also simpler to clean.

The maximum and minimum temperatures this cooktop can reach make it a flexible yet powerful cooktop. The Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-inch induction cooktop provided excellent results during the tests we performed and that’s the reason we think its perfect for you.

Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-Inch Induction Cooktop

Layout and Benefits

Though the look of this model isn’t as gaudy and classy as some of the costlier models, if you are a traditionalist we are sure you will love the simple looking black colour surface. The instinctive, sleek controls do add to the look.

It comes with 4 burners and 9 heat settings that you can manipulate by touching and dragging your finger across the power slider. It also comes with a simmer mode which is excellent for soups and stews.

This model comes with a performance boost feature which raises the temperature above maximum for about 9-10 minutes and is handy for fast boiling.

The small burners are located in the front and the bigger ones are placed at the back. Cleaning the cooktop is also simple.


During the tests we conducted the Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB impressed us with the results. None of the burners needed more than 4-5 minutes to heat 5-6 cups of water. The big burners were faster and need only 3-4 minutes to heat the water and with the performance boost feature did so in about 2 minutes.

This cooktop can reach a maximum temperature of around 597F to 660F and with the boost option it can rise to 803F. For safety reasons that last only for about 10 minutes.

Minimum temperature it can reach is between 97F to 101F which is good enough for melting purposes.


If you want to replace your gas or electric cooktops with an induction cooktop, which you actually should, then the Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-inch induction cooktop is an excellent choice since it will cost you $1,399.00 which is fairly less than most induction cooktop.

As for performance it comes with almost all the features you would need. Yes the design may not be very impressive and won’t attract a lot of attention but the low cost and excellent performance do make up for it.

The design is simple and will fit well into both traditional and modern kitchens.

Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL 30-Inch Induction Cooktop Review

If you are looking for the best induction cooktop and budget is not a problem then the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL is the top induction cooktop model we recommend for you.

This induction cooktop provides you with all the advantages of an electric or gas cook leaving out the cons. The Aid KICU509XBL is one of the best performing cooktop we have examined so far.

The Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL comes with some excellent features such as a bridge burner and a super strong boil.

Layout and Benefits

The design of the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL is very similar to the standard ceramic cooktop. The black colour of the surface gives the cooktop a classy yet bold finish.

The Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL comes with physical dials rather than touch controls. So if you are a traditionalist you will love the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL. We really liked the number of options this cooktop model offers.

The Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL like most induction cooktops recognizes the diameter of the pan and modifies the magnetic field accordingly.

With the bridge feature you can turn the 2 front burners into one large burner to fit huge pots and pans. The performance Boost function can be used for faster boiling since it raises the temperature above the maximum temperature for about 10 minutes.


When it comes to performance the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL is the best cooktop. The boiling scores of this model impressed us the most. It took the main burner just a couple of minutes to boil 5-6 cups of water which is very quick considering the fact that usually 5 minutes is what we consider a decent enough time. The Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL reacts well to low temperatures as well.

You may just have to tweak your cooking habits a little bit but if you manage that the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL will give you impressive results. This model comes with various temperature options too. The lowest temperature we recorded was 101F which is good enough to melt chocolates.

Average temperature was 693F and the maximum temperature we recorded was 709F. For higher heat use the performance bypass which lasts for about 8-10 minutes for safety measures.


We understand that it may be difficult for you to adjust to change but you definitely should buy an induction cooktop and get rid of your electric and gas cooktops.

Yes we agree that the Kitchen Aid KICU509XBL is on the costlier side since it would cost you around $1,749.00 but the high cost is for a reason and the reason is that this is the best cooktop yet. Once you use this cooktop you will know that it is worth every penny.