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Pokemon Go Gifts : Send and Receive Guide

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One of the benefits of having friends in Pokémon GO is the ability to send and receive Gifts. When you visit and rotate PokéStops, you may find a Gift. Your Pokémon Buddy can also bring you Gifts that he or she finds at nearby PokéStops.

Gifts contain a selection of useful items, but you cannot open a Gift yourself. You must send the Gift to a friend to open.

Each Gift contains a postcard featuring the PokéStop where it was found. When you send a Gift to a friend, you also share the PokéStop where you found it. This means that your friend will know the location you visited when you send a Gift.

Your Item Bag can only hold 10 Gifts at a time. However, Gifts do not count against your inventory limit.

Note for kids’ accounts: For kids’ accounts, parents or guardians can choose to enable multiplayer features on the Niantic Kids Parent Portal or on the Pokémon Trainers Club website.

Send a Gift

To send a Gift:

  • From the Card view, go to your Trainer profile.
  • Tap the Friends tab at the top of the screen to open your Friends List.
  • Select the Dancer you want to send a Gift to.
  • Press the Send Gift button.
  • Choose the Gift you want to send.
  • Press the Send button.

To personalize a Gift, you can attach a sticker to it before sending it to a friend. After choosing the Gift to send, press “Add a sticker” and select the sticker to attach. Your friend will see the sticker when opening the Gift.

You can send a maximum of one Gift per day to each of your friends. Until your friend opens a Gift that you have sent, you will not be able to send them another one.

Your Friend will receive a notification that you have sent them a Gift. When they open your Gift, they will receive a variety of items, such as Poké Balls, Potions, Berries and even Pokémon Eggs. Sending Gifts increases your Friendship Levels and earns you extra bonuses. Try to send them to your friends every day!

Sponsored Gifts

You may occasionally receive sponsored gifts when you visit arenas and PokéStops. Sponsored Gifts cannot be sent to friends. Instead, they offer items directly to the Trainer who receives them.

Pokémon Go – How to send and receive gifts

Gifts in Pokémon Go are a new type of item that players can send to each other, launching with the Friends and Swaps features. Gifts help you with your friendship levels and unlock more Alolan forms, so knowing how this system works will help you get the most out of it. Note that this feature is not yet available. Although the following information is from a press release, details of the process may change.

How to get gifts in Pokémon Go

Gifts are unique items in Pokémon Go because you can only receive them from a friend.

Gifts come from PokéStops. Like any other item, such as Poké Balls or special items, there is only the possibility of receiving a gift – which means you can’t receive a gift every time you run the PokéStop.

In short, keep visiting PokéStops until you find one.

The gifts you receive from PokéStops cannot be opened by yourself. Instead – as the name suggests – you’ll have to send them to someone on your friends list.

Our guide on how to add a friend on Pokémon Go explains how the process works.

How to send a gift in Pokémon Go

Once you have a friend, move on to their entry in your Friends list. At the bottom left, you’ll have the option to send a gift. Unlike trading, you don’t need to be close to the person to send the gift and you can do so immediately.

How to open a gift in Pokémon Go

Opening a gift is even easier. The game will notify you at the top of the screen, with a red button above the trainer notifications at the bottom left of the screen, if a gift is waiting.

Then, go to your friends list and you will immediately be notified which of your friends has a gift waiting for you. Select it and you can open it automatically.

Once your friend has received the gift, you can open it and use its contents. But what do they get?

What’s in Pokémon Go gifts?

The gifts contain a “series of very useful items” that are “of higher value than what Trainers usually receive when they run PokéStops,” according to Niantic. They may include:

Pokémon Sword and Shield – How to evolve Milcery into Alcremie

  • Large Balls
  • Ultra Balls
  • Hyper potion
  • Max Revive
  • Pinap Berry

However, one exclusive item that will be available in Gifts is a new level for eggs – the 7k egg. When they hatch, they reveal an Alolan Pokémon from the Kanto region.

One important topic is that you won’t be able to receive eggs as gifts if you don’t have space for them. If you want a 7K egg, open the gift after the egg hatches but before you turn the PokéStop.

What else do you need to know about Pokémon Go gifts?
In addition to giving your friends the chance to get a Pokémon Alolan, there are also benefits for the sender.

Sending gifts will increase your friendship level, which offers you a number of benefits. In short, you should receive and send gifts as often as possible!

Finally, each gift will arrive with a postcard, showing the PokéStop where the gift was collected. Although you can’t keep it and get it back, give the gifts you receive a little more history. Who knows, maybe you can send a gift to a friend from a PokéStop that has great meaning for them?

You can only have 5 gifts in your inventory at a time, of which only 20 can be opened per day. You will be notified when a friend opens a gift, along with information about the items inside. You can see this information in your News Feed.

You don’t have to open a gift you’ve received in order to return another one (if you’re waiting for an egg space, for example). Just cancel the gift with the cross at the bottom of the screen (you can open it later, it will not be deleted) to have the possibility to send another one.

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