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Pop Smoke’s Net Worth

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When was Pop Smoke’s birthday and what was its net worth?

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Pop Smoke was considered by many to be the face of “Brooklyn drill,” a regional subgenre centered in Brooklyn.

Four men broke into Pop Smoke’s houseCredit: Rex

How did Pop Smoke die?

On February 19, 2020, Pop Smoke was renting a house in Los Angeles.

In the middle of the night, two masked men burst into the house and one was carrying a handgun.

The LAPD received a call from the East Coast about the home invasion and arrived at the crime scene six minutes later.

Pop Smoke was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

The rapper was rushed to the hospital and doctors performed a thoracotomy, a surgical procedure to access the pleural space in the chest, on the left side of his body.

After a few robberies that took place in houses rented by musicians, investigators believe that the house was the target of invasions.

When is Pop Smoke’s birthday?

Pop Smoke was born on July 20, 1999 but was shot and killed at the age of 20.

The second annual Pop Smoke Day parade will be held on July 20, 2021 in Brooklyn to celebrate the life of the late rapper who would have been 22 years old.

There will be different types of festivities, a marching band and activities for kids like rhythm painting in honor of Pop Smoke.

Basketball games will also be played all day at a nearby park.

The parade will take place near C-Town on East 80th and Flatlands from about 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What was Pop Smoke’s net worth?

Pop Smoke earned his money mainly from his music albums and live concerts.

Before his death in 2020, Pop Smoke’s net worth was about $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

During his time in the music industry, he gained a huge following and his songs were played more than number one hits in 2019, according to TheWikiFeed.

When Pop Smoke released Welcome to the Party in 2019, not only did it enter the international charts, but the song went viral on the Internet.

Other famous rappers in the industry remixed his hit like ASAP Ferg, Meek Mill and Kiing Shooter.

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