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Safety is an area no one wants to compromise. But, if you don’t practice utmost caution when buying an alarm system, you are going to suffer greatly. Door-to-door marketers use scary sales tricks and even decide to stay in your home until you sign up for the contract. Whatever is the scenario, make sure that you are taking a final decision only after an in-depth research. Keeping these pointers in mind too will work in your favor when trying to locate a good security company.

Home Security Companies

The first thing you should avoid when trying to ward off home security scams is to avoid agreeing to anything on phone. Ask for a time of few days to take a decision when answering sales call. FTC clearly states that consumers should have enough time to do research before committing to a security company. Be aware and take advantage of this right; don’t yield to pressure tactics. The following are a few additional tips to help you here.

Don’t go for the cheapest deal

It is true that budget is a concern everyone should address when shopping for something. But, don’t allow price to be the sole determinant when making a choice. Reports say that users who opted for free alarm systems were forced to sign up to expensive and long contracts. Compare prices from different websites and try to reach a reasonable agreement with your choice home security company

Follow These Steps

  • Ask for license

Most of the States in the US require door-to-door marketers to acquire license before starting their venture. If someone comes to you claiming to represent an agency, ask for license. Hesitation to produce it before you should sound red alert. The same applies to someone saying that your current company is out of business. Contact your service provider before even allowing the agent to get inside your home. There are instances where a salesperson refusing to leave a home without the owner signing the contract.

  • Be aware of your rights

Know that you have the right to cancel your contract within three days of signing it. The sales representative should give you two copies of the application form for cancellation. One for you and the other to be given back to the company in question. Say “no” to any agency that refuses this right.

  • Don’t believe “deal of a lifetime”

You may have come across ads proclaiming “available at this low price only for today.” Do not be carried away by this false promise. Understand that no company changes the price of a commodity on a daily basis. Say no to anyone who comes up with such a deceptively attractive offer.

The best thing to do is to take advantage of websites devoted for the purpose. Type your query on a popular search engine and register yourself with a reputed website. It will help you find a reliable dealer in your locality.

Stay safe from scams, research on home security companies and take a final decision accordingly.

Home accidents like fire, theft or burglary among other incidences can take place anytime and without warning. The best way to prevent them is by being well-prepared and protected against them and this can be done by installing home security systems. While buying security systems for home, homemakers take their decision depending on the factors like: the atmosphere of the neighborhood, their budget and the level of security that they want.

Types of home security systems

Two types of security systems can be installed in the homes. They are:

  • Monitored security systems: in this system the central call center is alerted when it gets tripped by intruders or thieves. After the tripping of the alarm, the call center waits for house owner’s confirmation of accidental tripping for about 40 seconds, if there is no confirmation, then the system contacts the owner for the house password, if that too fails, then the call center alerts the authorities. Other than burglary, these systems are also helpful in informing the authorities in cases of house fires, gas or water leakage.
  • Unmonitored security systems: these security systems are popular among the homeowners because they are cost effective systems. In this system, when the alarm gets triggered in case of any kind of intrusion, a loud siren noise is produced in and out of the house. The triggering of the alarm scares the intruder and prevents the house from burglary. In this system, the owner of the house or the neighbors has to inform the authorities as the system, unlike the monitored security systems, does not contact anyone.

Security systems set up

Both the types of security systems can be either wired or wireless set ups. The systems can be installed with the help of cameras, sensors, motion, smoke or fire detectors, video displays and keypads.

Wireless installation

Wireless security systems are connected with radio transmitters and receivers which are battery operated devices. The advantages of wireless security system installation are:

  • Easy security set ups.
  • No new wires need to be installed in the walls of the homes.
  • The homeowners themselves can install this system

The only disadvantage of this installation is the limitation of distance covered between the control panel and the different surveillance gadgets like sensors and camera because of the radio transmitters.

Home security companies, Business alarm systems

The market is full of companies that provide integrated home security system solutions in a single package. The customers get a wide range of options right from intelligent door-locks that can be controlled from smartphones to lighting systems that can be adjusted and controlled on the go from the press of a button. There are innovative products like pet protection systems that can be trusted to take care if the pet is alone at home and the owner is out of station. Most of such companies also provide business alarm systems for commercial applications like security systems and alarm systems for office buildings and factories etc.