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Stardew Valley Lewis Gifts -Wedding and Gift Guide

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In this guide you will find the different steps to get married in Stardew Valley. There are 12 bachelors in town, 6 girls and 6 boys, who can be married no matter what gender your character is. In order to get closer to them, feel free to rely on the favorite gift lists to quickly earn relationship points. By getting closer to the NPCs, you can also get a lot of information and secrets about the city and its inhabitants.

Before the Big Day

Before you take the big step and get married, there are several requirements and things to do. First of all, you’ll need to repair the small bridge to the right of Eliott’s hut on the beach in order to access the whole of it. You will need 300 units of wood to repair it.

In addition to that, you will need to be within 10 hearts of a relationship with one of the singles in town and have given them a Bouquet to make your relationship official. You will also need to have obtained the first upgrade of your house, from Robin, in order to have more room to welcome your other half.

Once you have achieved these elements, you will have to go to the beach, after the bridge, on a rainy day after 7pm. An old sailor will be there, he will sell one item: the Mermaid Pendant (5 000 po). This necklace is a sign of your commitment to the person to whom you give it. He or she becomes your fiancé(e) and the wedding takes place 3 days later.

The Wedding

The wedding in Stardew Valley is the culmination of your relationship with one of the Pelican Town bachelors. Being married will allow you to have children, up to two. Following the wedding ceremony, your significant other will come to live with you in your home. You will also unlock a new relationship “stage” with him or her: you will go from 10 to 13 possible relationship hearts. If you continue to spoil your significant other by talking to him or her and giving gifts, he or she will reward you by reaching 13 hearts with a Stardrop! We previously made a guide to getting them all.

Your partner brings with him/her some of his/her belongings, exclusive for each NPC. As you can see below, your partner’s room usually contains their favorite activity. You can add or move the furniture in the room, if you wish. Your husband or wife can also sometimes randomly change the wallpaper or the floor of a room in your house, which is a surprise!

Gifts to give

In Stardew Valley, giving villagers their favorite gifts will give you relationship points more easily and quickly. It is possible to give up to two gifts per week to NPCs, plus a bonus gift on their birthday. Don’t forget the birthday dates, posted on the calendar in front of Pierre’s store, your gifts count double!

The items listed below are in addition to the “loved”, “liked”, “neutral”, “disliked” and “hated” items universally loved by all the inhabitants of Pelican Town. For the generally loved items, there are handcrafted foods, cooked meals, flowers, gems, vegetables. You can find the complete universal gift lists on the game wiki. These lists apply to all NPCs, but in this guide we will detail the items for the singles in the city.

Universal Gifts

With rare exceptions (which will be listed below), all items on the “universal” lists are appreciated, or not, by the bachelors and bachelorettes of the city. The most famous exception is Haley, who is the only villager who doesn’t like the Prismatic Crystal, one of the most valuable and rare items in the game.

Beloved: Golden Pumpkin, Rabbit’s Foot (Penny exception), Prismatic Crystal (Haley exception), Pearl

Loved: Crafts (except Oil, and Vacuum Mayonnaise), Ready-made meals (except Bread, Omelette, Strange Bread Roll), Flowers (except Poppy), Crystals and Gems (except Quartz), Fruit Tree Crops, Vegetables (except Wheat and Hops which are universally neutral), Maple Syrup, Elixir of Life

Neutral: Sweet gem berry, Wheat, Hops, Bread, Fried egg, Shell, Rainbow shell, Coral, Clam, Truffle, Duck feather

Disliked: All Building Materials, All Bombs, All Wallpapers and Soils, All Fertilizers, All Geodes, All Fish (exceptions: Clam (neutral), Snail and Carp (hated)), All Fences and Paths, Most Metals, Driftwood, Cave Carrot, Snack Food, Lantern Pumpkin, Essence of Emptiness, Essence of Sunshine, Wheat Flour, Pine Tar, Oil, Egg of Emptiness, New Onion, Oak Resin, Rice, Tea Set, Vinegar

Disliked: All Artifacts, All Bait, All Monster Loot (except Solar Essence and Essence of Life), All Trash (except Driftwood), All Totems, Seaweed, White Seaweed, Green Seaweed, Flute Block, Drum Block, Energy Drink, Carp, Crab Trap, Red Mushroom, Treasure Chest, Sap, Grass, Garlic Oil, Vacuum Mayonnaise, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Explosive Ammunition, Slime Egg, Sea Urchin, Straw, Poppy, Strange Bread Roll, Muscle Medicine, Sap, Sugar, Torch.

List of singles and their preferences


  • Description: Alex is the village sportsman. He lives east of the Saloon, and north of Lewis’s (the mayor), in his grandparents’ house: George and Evelyn. He is friends with Haley, with whom he often chats during village events. You will also discover Dusty, his dog, during a relationship event with him. Jovial, athletic and sensitive, Alex has a summer job at the ice cream stand and in the winter he works at the Spa.

Likes: Full breakfast / Salmon dinner

Likes: All eggs (except vacuum eggs)

Neutral: All fruits, All milks (Regular or Large), Champi-magmatics, Common mushroom, Purple mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Dandelion, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leeks, Snow yam, Winter root

Dislikes: Salmon berry, Horseradish

Dislikes: Holly, Quartz


Description: Eliott is a writer who lives in a shack on the beach south of town. He is rather lonely, but is close to Leah, with whom he often chats at special events. In search of inspiration for his book, he can most often be found on the beach, at the museum or in his cabin. A dreamy, blue-eyed flower, Eliott eventually opens up about coming to town at relationship events.

Likes: Crab cake, Duck feather, Pomegranate, Lobster, Ink (squid), Tom Kha soup

Likes: Octopus, Squid

Neutral: All eggs / All fish

Dislikes: Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow Yam, Winter Root, Pizza

Dislikes: Amaranth, Salmon berry, Sea cucumber, Quartz


Description: Harvey is the doctor of Pelican Town, he is, most of the time, at his clinic (9am – 3pm) where he works with Maru. He lives upstairs in his clinic, which you can see at relationship events with him. He often walks in the park at the Community Center when the weather is nice. Very concerned with the health of the villagers, Harvey is caring, discreet and introverted.

Likes: Coffee, Cucumber, Truffle oil, Energy meal, Wine

Likes: Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Duck Egg, Duck Feather, Holly, Leek, Goat’s Milk (regular or large), Snow Yam, Winter Root, Wild Horseradish, Quartz

Neutral: Chicken egg / Cow’s milk (normal or large)

Dislikes: Pink cake, Chocolate cake, Ice cream, Cookies, Rhubarb pie, Bread, Cheese, Goat cheese, Cranberry sauce, Pancakes, Fried mushroom, Potato cakes, Frozen yams, Rice pudding

Dislikes: Salmon berry, Spicy berry, Shellfish, Rainbow shellfish, Coral


Description: Sam lives with his little brother Vincent and his mother Jodie, in the south of the village. He is in a band with his friend Sebastian, in which he plays guitar. In the second year, Sam and Vincent’s father, Kent, comes home from the war. Sometimes a little immature, Sam is mostly funny and carefree. He works part-time at the Jojo Mart (9am-5pm). He often rehearses at home, or hangs out in front of his house skateboarding.

Likes: Cactus fruit, maple cake, pizza, tiger eyes

Likes: All eggs (except vacuum egg), Joja Cola

Neutral: All fruits, All milks (regular or large)

Dislikes: Seaweed, Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Holly, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Duck Egg, Duck Feather, Holly, Leek, Snow Yam, Winter Root, Horseradish, Quartz

Dislikes: Pickles, Mayonnaise, Duck mayonnaise, Coal, Copper ingot, Iron ingot, Gold ingot, Iridium ingot, Gold ore, Iridium ore, Refined quartz.


Description: Sebastian is Robin’s oldest son. His stepfather is Demetrius and he has a half-sister, Maru. He lives with his family in the carpentry shop north of town. Sebastian is often locked in his room, working on his computer. He is in Sam’s band and has a motorcycle that he rides to a relationship event. Rebellious, secretive but rather touching, Sebastian dreams of leaving Pelican Town and moving to the nearest big city.

Likes: Sashimi, Pumpkin Soup, Empty Egg, Frozen Tear, Obsidian

Likes: Flounder (fish), Quartz

Neutral: All fruits, All milks (normal or large), All fish

Dislikes: Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow Yam, Winter Root, Wild Horseradish

Dislikes: Farmer’s breakfast, Full breakfast, Omelet, Clay


Description: Shane is Marnie’s nephew, with whom he lives along with Jas, his grandniece. He lives at the pet store on the west side of town. Shane works at the Jojo Mart (9-5) during the day and often goes to the Saloon at night. Rather unhappy, Shane hides a heavy secret related to his past. At first, Shane is rather rude and unsociable, but he will reveal himself as the player gets closer to him.

Likes: Pizza, Hot pepper, Stuffed bell pepper, Beer

Likes: All fruits, All eggs (except vacuum eggs)

Neutral: All milks

Dislikes: Seaweed, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Dandelion, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow Yam, Winter Root, Wild Horseradish

Dislikes: Gherkin, Quartz


Description: Abigail is the daughter of Caroline and Pierre. She lives in the village store, next to the medical clinic. Very eccentric and obsessed with magic and nature, she often walks to the Forest where she plays the pan flute. She is the only villager, along with the player, who can see and interact with the Juminos, the little creatures of the Community Center. Her free and original spirit often brings her into conflict with Peter. As you get closer to her, you’ll discover a secret about the history of the city and the Wizard.

Likes: Amethyst, Pumpkin, Spicy Eel, Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Pie, Puffer Fish

Likes: Quartz

Neutral: Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow Yam, Winter Root

Dislikes: All fruits (except fruit trees), All vegetables (except wheat, hops, pumpkin and tea leaves), Horseradish, Sugar

Dislikes: Clay, Holly


Description: Emily is Haley’s sister, they both live in their parents’ house, which is away on a trip. Their house is next to Sam and his family’s house. Emily is passionate about fashion and even owns a sewing machine that she will let you use, once you get close enough to her. This sewing machine will allow you to create your own clothes with linen and any other ingredients. She has a parakeet as a pet and works at the Saloon as a bartender with Gus.

Likes: Survival burger, Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Topaz, Wool, Fabric

Likes: Daffodil, Quartz

Neutral: All milks, All eggs (except vacuum egg), All fruits (except fruit trees and salmon berry), Common mushroom, Purple mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Dandelion, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow yam, Winter root

Dislikes: Spicy eel, Grilled eel, Ice cream, Rice pudding, Salmon berry

Dislikes: Salmon dinner, Sashimi, Fish tacos, Maki, Holly


Description: Hailey is Emily’s sister, with whom she lives. Capricious and a bit self-centered at first, she has a conflicting relationship with her blue-haired sister. Close to Alex, with whom she sometimes walks on the beach in the summer, she also likes to go to the Park. Often complaining about life in the country, she will eventually be seduced by the joys of the farm if the player gets close to her. Passionate about photography, she has a personal darkroom to develop her shots, this room is part of a relationship event with her.

Likes: Pink cake, Coconut, Fruit salad, Sunflower

Likes: Daffodil

Neutral: All universally neutral gifts

Dislikes: Common mushroom, Purple mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Dandelion, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow yam, Winter root, Quartz

Dislikes: All fish, Horseradish, Clay, Prismatic Crystal


Description : Leah is an artist who carves wood. She moved to Pelican Town after falling in love with living here, as she explains. She lives south of the pet store, near the Forest. Often in her house working on her art, she is sometimes in the Forest with Eliott. Passionate about art and nature, she is natural, calm and creative.

Likes: Goat cheese, Mixed vegetables, Sauté, Salad, Poppy seed muffin, Truffle, Wine

Likes: All eggs (except vacuum eggs), All milks, All fruits, Common mushroom, Purple mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Daffodil, Hazelnut, Leek, Snow yam, Winter root, Wild horseradish, Holly, Driftwood

Neutral: All universally neutral gifts (except fried egg, Bread, Truffle)

Dislikes: Cookie, Ice cream, Pink cake, Hamburger survival, Fried egg, Rice pudding, Tortilla

Dislikes: Potato pancake, Bread, Pancake, Pizza, Empty egg


Description : Maru est la fille de Robin et Demetrius, et la jeune demi-sœur de Sebastian. Passionnée par la science, comme son père, elle aime créer des machines ou observer les étoiles avec son télescope dans son jardin. Elle vit avec sa famille dans la menuiserie au nord du Centre Communautaire. Maru travaille à la clinique (9 – 15h) avec Harvey. Elle est ingénieuse, curieuse et passionnée.

Adore : Diamant, Lingot d’Or, Lingot d’Iridium, Pile, Fraise, Chou-fleur, Friandise de Mineur, Gratin de Chou-fleur, Poivron Farci, Tarte à la Rhubarbe

Aime : Goudron de Pin, Résine de Pin, Lingot de Cuivre, Lingot de Fer, Quartz

Neutre : Champignon violet, Chanterelle, Morille, Jonquille, Noisette, Poireaux, Racine d’hiver, Raifort Sauvage

N’aime pas : Champignon commun, Baie de saumon, Mûre, Fruit de Cristal, Sirop d’Érable

Déteste : Igname des neiges, Houx, Cornichon, Miel, Truffe


Description: Penny is Pam’s only daughter. She lives with her mother in a trailer east of the Saloon. Penny is the village teacher for the children : Jas and Vincent. She is often with them at the Museum, the Park or in the Forest. She likes reading a lot. Concerned about her mother’s health, who has a tendency to drink, their relationship is complicated. Penny is very maternal, caring and shy.

Likes: Diamond, Emerald, Melon, Poppy, Sand Fish, Poppy Seed Muffin, Antioxidant Plate, Root Plate, Tom Kha Soup

Likes: Dandelion, Leek

Neutral: Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Ginger, Daffodil, Hazelnut, Snow Yam, Winter Root, Wild Horseradish

Dislikes: Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Salmon Berry, Quartz, Wool, Duck Feather, Clear Broth, Seaweed Soup

Dislikes: Beer, Lager, Mead, Pina Colada, Wine, Hops, Holly, Reason, Rabbit’s Foot


If life as a couple does not work out for you, it is always possible to go back. You can divorce your partner by going to Lewis, the mayor. On the left side of his entrance, on the desk, you will be able to ask for a Divorce. To annul your union, it will cost you 50,000 po, so think twice before marrying someone! Following the divorce, you and your ex-husband or ex-wife will fall back to 0 relationship heart. Your interactions with your ex can be stormy.

Once the Witch’s Hut is unlocked, the player will have access to an area with a shrine. It will be possible to erase the memory of your ex-husband or wife so that he or she forgets about your relationship. The relationship will then return to the initial stage of the game and it will even be possible to remarry this partner. Children from a relationship can be turned into doves for a Prismatic Crystal.

Other known couples in Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is a lively village where many things happen and relationships are formed! In addition to your own heartfelt stories, you will also discover several couples, more or less surprising, among the inhabitants. Some couples, like Demetrius and Robin, are official, while others, like Marnie and Lewis, hide their relationship.

These secrets will be revealed through dialogues with certain NPCs, but also through secret notes, town parties and relationship mini-events.

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