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Stardew valley Tulip

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Birthdays are an important event to remember in Stardew Valley. On a character’s birthday in the game, if you give them a gift, you can greatly increase their friendship with you. You want to do this if you plan to marry a particular character. They won’t want to marry you unless you have enough established relationships with them.

You may give a character at least two items per week. You cannot exceed this limit except on their birthday. So if you’ve already reached that two gift limit that week, and it’s the character’s birthday, later on you can give them something and that should say they haven’t reached their limit.


Leo is one of the newly introduced NPCs in Stardew Valley with the release of Ginger Island for the 1.5 update of the game. In this Stardew Valley Leo gift guide, we’ll show you where to find Leo, how to form a friendship with him and how you can get him to move to Pelican Town.

Leo from Stardew Valley

You’ll meet Leo while playing the Ginger Island story. He resides inside a tree house on the east side of Ginger Island, to the left of the tent where Linus lives.

Leo doesn’t just stay home all day. He moves around the island throughout the day, visiting different areas each day.

How to become friends with Leo
Give Leo gifts

The first way to make friends with Leo is to give him gifts. Try to give him a “Love” or “Like” item twice a week for maximum positive relationship points.

Leo likes the following four items the most, so giving them is the fastest way to strengthen your friendship with him:

  • Mango
  • Ostrich egg
  • then
  • Duck feathers
  • If you have trouble finding the above items, don’t worry. You can also give him the following items, but your friendship will progress a little more slowly with them:
  • Shell
  • Spice berries
  • Sea Urchin
  • Dragon tooth
  • Rainbow shell
  • One important thing to note is that on Leo’s birthday (Summer 26), you’ll get an 8x bonus on relationship points when you give him a gift, so don’t forget to give him gifts on that day.

Befriend Parrots

Another way to make friends with Leo is to befriend the parrots on Ginger Island.

Villagers of Stardew Valley: all singles and bachelors to whom you can give gifts and get married

  • Alex
  • Elliott
  • Harvey
  • Sam
  • Sebastien
  • Shane
  • Abigail
  • Emilie
  • Haley
  • Horrible
  • Maru
  • Penny

There are a bunch of Stardew Valley villagers in the game, but there are only 12 bachelors and bachelorettes that you can give gifts to in order to increase your friendship and eventually get married. Stardew Valley is a farming simulator at heart, but part of that involves making friends with the villagers and integrating into society. We have a complete list of all the Stardew Valley bachelors and bachelorettes you can marry, as well as the best Stardew Valley gifts you can give to increase your friendship with each of them.

The full list of Stardew Valley villagers you can befriend is as follows:

  • The Bachelor’s
  • Alex
  • Elliott
  • Harvey
  • Sam
  • Sebastien
  • Shane
  • Bachelorettes
  • Abigail
  • Emilie
  • Haley
  • Horrible
  • Maru
  • Penny

Universal Gifts
There are a few gifts that every villager likes to receive in Stardew Valley, called “universal” gifts. Here is a complete list of all the universal loves that provide 80 relationship points, but can be very difficult to find.

Universal loves:

  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Magic Rock Candy
  • Pearl
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Universal likes are easier to find, but only provide 45 relationship points.

Universal Likes:

  • All artisanal products (except oil and empty mayonnaise)
  • All baked goods (except for fried eggs, bread, strange bun and seafoam pudding)
  • All flowers (except poppies)
  • All feed minerals (except for quartz)
  • All fruit trees
  • All jewels
  • All vegetables (except hops, tea leaves, wheat and unmilled rice)
  • Elixir of life
  • Maple syrup
  • Stardew Valley Singles
  • Starting with the bachelors of Stardew Valley, here are all the male villagers you can give gifts to.

Alex Stardew Valley Gifts

Alex lives in the house southeast of Pierre’s general store with his grandparents Evelyn and George. He is friends with Haley and has a dog named Dusty.

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