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Best Fountain Pens (buying guide) in 2021

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Despite the undeniable practicality of a ballpoint pen in today’s world, it is difficult to replace the classic elegance of the traditional fountain pen. Each pen is an extremely personal writing instrument. When you wear it, it moulds to your writing style and becomes a truly unique representation of your writing style.

To help you find the perfect pen for special occasions and everyday use, we’ve reviewed ten of the best fountain pens on the market, with different designs and functions to suit every writing style.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Stylo plume 91107

The Pilot Metropolitan Collection fountain pen offers a clear distinction that would make anyone’s writing stand out. Unlike other heavy pens with sloppy presentations and messy ink spurts, this elegant pen has a metal body that’s always light on the hands. Designed with exquisite style and rugged excellence, this fountain pen is sure to be a hit with its exceptional looks and fine finish. Adorned with black sophistication, it is the ideal office pen for important documents that require the smooth finesse that only a pen in its class can offer.

The writing quality it delivers is practically excellent; it glides across paper with a marbled elegance that makes writing a breeze. With enough ink that it doesn’t dry up easily, the Pilot fountain pen provides an uninterrupted, non-slip glide when writing. It comes with a pre-filled cartridge that is set to last a while and also includes a converter that can be refilled with the ink of choice. Promising stellar accuracy and finger-friendly construction, it’s certain of the writing quality that this Japanese tip pen guarantees.

Top Pick
Pilot Metropolitan Collection Stylo plume 91107


  • Brass barrel
  • Medium nib
  • Premium matte finish
  • 91107

From the tip of this pen to the end of the barrel, it’s a clear and affordable premium pen that definitely puts the ‘F’ to the test. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the best gel pens.

Lamy Safari Charcoal Fountain Pen

The exquisite design of Lamy’s Safari fountain pen has a wonderfully unique grip and a well-crafted ABS plastic barrel. Lamy pens perfectly combine style and function, with an emphasis on the practicality of the writing instruments they produce.

With a charcoal barrel and a black-coated steel nib, the Lamy is undeniably an original choice that stands out from other fountain pens available. Each pen comes with a blue ink cart included and is also compatible with Z24 cartridge converters. If you like different fountain pens, this is a great choice.

  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic
  • Flexible clip
  • Lamy T 10 cartridge
  • Black coated steel nib

Pilot MR retro pop collection fountain pen

Pilot’s second product on our list, the MR Retro Pop collectable fountain pen, is a great addition to any collection. The design of the fountain pen really stands out, forgoing the classic, elegant look, and instead of creating a truly memorable pen with a fun retro design.

The grey finish with a dogtooth accent is one of the most understated designs in the MR Retro Pop collection, with a choice of several different alternative designs with varying accents and bold, fun colours. With so many designs available in the line, it’s easy to customize the style of the pen to your liking.

Each Pilot features a beautiful matte finish, with the same high-quality stainless steel nib, and a brass barrel. The MR Retro Pop Collection fountain pens are designed to be used with bottled ink or ink cartridges. A black ink cartridge is included with the pen, as well as a pressure converter for use with Iroshizuku ink bottles.

Pilot MR retro pop collection fountain pen

  • Center ring design
  • High-quality matte finish
  • Medium nib
  • Comes in an attractive gift box

Stylo plume Parker Jotter

We hear a lot about how we should choose our words wisely, and this is great advice. With so many brands of pens on the market, from ballpoint pens to fountain pens, it is also advisable to choose your pens wisely. For official use and even for leisure, a good pen offers ease of use, durability as well as that pure boost of confidence and satisfaction when writing. This is the epitome of the Parker Jotter fountain pen; it may not look like an ordinary fountain pen, but it certainly writes like one. The well-crafted design ensures a lightweight feel on the hands, with a smooth metal body that is not a burden on the fingers.

When it comes to design, the Parker brand has certainly put a lot of thought into it, from the well-accentuated shiny trim to the signature arrowhead clip at the top. The nib-tipped pen ensures that every word is finely written and every thought takes on meaning and artistic expression on paper. The cartridge contains high-quality ink from Parker that lasts a long time.

Top Pick
Stylo plume Parker Jotter


  • Slim and durable design
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • 1 large blue water-based ink cartridge
  • Comes in an elegant gift box

There is no doubt that the Parker brand continues to excel with its exquisite pen designs, even in this computer age, its century-old brand continues to impress us with its exquisite designs and phenomenal performance.

Pilot University Fountain Pens

A premium pen that glides across the surface of a page or paper with uninterrupted, smooth, buttery grace; isn’t that the dream? That’s what the Pilot Varsity 7-pack of matching ink pens offers with not just one pen but more than half a dozen. For a great price, these phenomenally designed fountain pens are offered at the price of one. Each individual pen is sufficiently equipped with a durable casing and enough ink to last a long time. The slim body proves to be easy to grip, which makes writing quite easy. They also have a transparent barrel that allows you to see the ink level in time. Sleek slim body fountain pens are known for their quality, durability and performance, but they are at the forefront.

The liquid ink system ensures a smooth flow of ink from the nib, without squirting, staining or wetting the paper. The ink dries quickly, leaving a neat, fancy finish on the paper. As mentioned earlier, this is a really affordable option for high-quality fountain pens that can be used every day, without the technical hassle of refilling the cartridge regularly. Perfect your writing with the Pilot Varsity fountain pen and experience the true pleasure of writing with a premium, affordable fountain pen set.

Top Pick
Pilot University Fountain Pens


  • Fashionable disposable pens
  • Visible ink delivery system
  • Retro style barrel
  • Genuine fountain nib

Things to consider when buying a fountain pen

Materials – The materials used for the barrel and nib vary for fountain pens, while some barrels are made from metal, others from durable plastic. The nibs are either made from luxurious gold nibs or from a cheaper but equally effective steel nib.

Size – Fountain pens range from slim models to much heavier, larger models. Depending on preference, some people prefer smaller, lighter fountain pens to larger models.

Weight – Depending on the material used, metal pens tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts. If you don’t want heavy pens, there are thinner, narrower models that are lighter on the hands.

Cap or retractable – Fountain pens use screw-on or snap-on caps. This prevents the ink and nib from drying out or being exposed for too long. A retractable pen comes with the system at the base that pushes in to release the nib and pulls out to put it back in. For those who aren’t fans of capped fountain pens, the retractable models will certainly suffice.

Nib tip size – The nib tip is available in three different sizes: fine, medium and broad. This determines how fine or thick the writing is. Fine nibs produce lines quite similar to a ballpoint pen, but more curved and artistic. Medium and broad nibs offer thicker lines than a .7mm pencil or thick HB pencils.

Fountain Pen FAQs

What are the advantages of a fountain pen?
Fountain pens offer a smooth and artistic writing experience that definitely enhances and perfects handwriting.

What is the difference between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen?
Fountain pens promise smooth, thick, calligraphic writing that looks fancier than what you see with ballpoint pens. They use liquid ink, unlike ballpoint pens with thick oil-based ink.

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