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Why Snowflake Nail Art Had Been So Popular Till Now? 16 Eye Catching Designs to Explore

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Snowflake nail art is indeed a must-have when it comes to holiday nail design. There’s something magical and dreamy about snowflakes, so it’s no wonder they’ve become a holiday staple. With Christmas just around the corner, here’s an ode to this favorite art. Admire the 13 snowflakes you can make this winter.

Inspiring snowflake creations to display for the holidays.
Sweater weather is in full swing! I’m sure your cheeks have been kissed by the cool weather of the season. Some of my friends are already enjoying the snow before it falls heavily. They are also thrilled to see the snowflakes fall lightly on their heads. Doesn’t this winter sight make you dizzy? Yes, I know! It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

It’s that same vibe that makes snowflake nail art desirable. I haven’t seen a collection of Christmas nail art that doesn’t include this design. This one, along with candy canes, Santa, reindeer, Christmas socks and other Christmas tree ornaments are almost always part of the vacation nail collection. And it’s there for a reason!

So, I’m giving you, my darlings, something you’ll surely crave this vacation. I’m sure you’ll be raving about this snowflake nail art compilation! I guarantee you will. I even showed a draft of this list to one of my loyal customers (she’s now a very close friend) who asked me to do a nail art number from it!

Check out this collection of snowflake nail art you should be wearing this winter.

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