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A Young Woman in a Lion’s Cage with a Red Rose in Her Hand, then… (video)

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Nowadays through social media various amazing events come to the fore. Many people do strange things to catch the eye of netizens. Those videos are also viral. So at the risk of his own life to enter the lion’s den!

Yes, that’s what a young woman from New York did. But the surprises do not end here. In fact, the young woman dressed in a red tuktuk to enter the zoo lion’s cage to make love to the lion king of the forest. He also came to tell the lion ‘I love you’. The horrific incident took place at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, USA. And this shocking incident has gone viral on the net.

According to a US media report, the young woman was not only wearing a red dress, she also had a bunch of red roses in her hand.

In the viral video, he is seen waving a bouquet of red roses in his hand and saying love to the lion. Whether the lion understands or not, I love you, he said.

Her personal photographer was ready to capture this strange act of the young woman. That photographer is no one else, the young woman’s husband! He videotaped such dangerous activities of his wife.

Meanwhile, uploading videos of the incident through social media has gone viral. While some are horrified by the incident, many have questioned the safety of the Bronx Zoo in New York. Some people question, how could the husband make such a risky video? Why he never thought about his wife’s safety.

Earlier in 2019, a woman had shown a lion dancing in a cage after crossing the security fence at the Bronx Zoo in New York. The woman had infiltrated the African lion enclosure.

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